Joshua Wang /The Highlander

Living on campus is a great way to keep up with campus events and attend classes without the hassle of fighting for parking in the cursed Lot 30 or getting ticketed for being a few minutes late in Lot 26. As someone who has lived in the on-campus apartments for the past three years, I’ve heard more than my fair share of parking horror stories and I am glad to have avoided it. Living on campus might work for your budget and preferences, and here’s a short breakdown of the different apartment types. 

UCR offers a total of seven campus apartments to choose from, with North District being the newest and officially opening during the 2021-2022 school year. It is fully furnished with the option of single or double occupancy rooms. The monthly rate for a single occupancy room is $1,475 for a one bed and bath, and a double is $1,362 for two beds and one bath. Located near the Student Recreation Center, this apartment would make for easy access to the gym and campus in addition to its own dining venue, the Market at North District. If being a founding resident of this new campus apartment sounds fun to you, feel free to check out the website.

Up next is Glen Mor, the second newest apartment complex,  with a two bedroom, one bathroom single occupancy apartment for $1,245 and a four bedroom two bathroom apartment for $1,245. Glen Mor is also in close proximity to The Market at Glen Mor, which is packed with a Starbucks, dining venues and a market. Both the Lothian and Glasgow dining halls are in close proximity for those with dining plans that include meal swipes. This apartment is especially good for STEM majors, as it is placed closest to the Chemical Sciences and Physics buildings, as well as just a 10 minute walk from the Orbach Library. I have visited Glen Mor a few times in the past and no one can enter the buildings without scanning your student ID, which creates a safe and secure environment for residents. 

Bannockburn Village by far has the most diverse floor plans ranging from three different suite types: Bannockburn Suites, Scots Suites and Loft Suites, ranging between $680 to $750. The suites are furnished with a shared bath, but only the Bannockburn suite has a kitchen. A one bedroom and one bath is $1,170 for a single occupancy and $585 for double occupancy. If you have a roommate in mind, maybe one of these apartments is the way to go. In addition, there are loft apartments, two bed and one bath apartments (even a deluxe version) and graduate-student-only studios. The apartments are relatively small, but cozy. Located less than five minutes away is an array of restaurants, such as the Getaway Cafe and The Substation. Only a short walk away from campus and closest to Lot 19, the Arts building and CHASS Interdisciplinary North, Bannockburn and its floor plans have something for everyone. However, not every apartment is furnished and may or may not come with asbestos. 

Falkirk, unlike the previous apartments, is unfurnished, which may be a pro for students who’d like to bring their own furniture. Falkirk offers a single occupancy one bed and one bath apartment for $1,320 and a double occupancy for $660. A two bed and one bath is $880 for single occupancy and $440 for a double. There are nearby Amazon lockers, and the complex is also a short walk away from campus and the SRC. It is across the street from the police department and Lot 19.

The Plaza is one of three gated community campus apartments. It is unfurnished, but if you love the color pink, this might be the best place to live in. A one bedroom and one bath is $1,260 for a single occupancy and $630 for a double. It is hidden away from the main street, a bit further down the street from campus. Behind Oban Family Housing and across the street from Falkirk, it is a 10 to 15 minute walk from university grounds. 

Oban Family Housing is another addition to the campus apartments offered by UCR, but to be eligible, an undergraduate student must have one domestic partner or spouse, and if they have children, they must be under 18 years old. These requirements may be verified through the university through various documentation. An apartment with one bed and one bath is $980, and the other option is a two bed two bath for $1,005. It is located next to Bannockburn and across Lot 19, and is one of the few gated communities. 

Lastly is the fully furnished and gated community campus apartment Stonehaven. One bedroom and one bath is $1,372 for a single occupancy and $686 for a double occupancy. The prices are the same for a two bedroom and two bath. Having lived in this apartment for the past three years, I was initially drawn to the fact that it is fully furnished and gated. In the last year, they upgraded the furniture, and it now has a very modern look. I personally have had a lot of issues in the past with the internet and water shut-offs, but after contacting the Resident Service Office and talking to staff, all those problems have since been taken care of. It is the furthest campus apartment from school, with a 15 to 20 minute walk to campus; however, there is a bus stop right around the corner that shortens that long walk to 5 minutes by taking the bus. 

If any particular campus apartment stands out to you, feel free to reach out to UCR Housing to discuss the best way to move in and more information regarding them.