Athlete Shoutout: Issa Badawiya

By: Kevin Contreras

What are your goals and expectations this year?

“After a global pandemic that pretty much shut down everything we are used to, I feel grateful and pumped to be back on campus. My goal this year is to be present in every moment, to make the most of my senior year, and that means adding a second Big West conference Championship and making it to the NCAA championship. Academically I want to do well and end up with a 4.0.,” explained Issa Badawiya.

Courtesy of UCR Athletics

How do you feel being back on campus?

“Feels too good being back on campus. I’m looking forward to every second I spend with my teammates and every second I spend on the pitch. We have a special group of guys sharing the same goal — make our university proud and bring home silverware,” he shared.

What will you be working on this quarter?

“This quarter, I will be working on being the best version of myself in every way possible. As a Riverside native, I’m grateful for all the opportunities, and I want to pay it forward and make sure I do my part to uplift those around me — especially my teammates and community,” concluded Badawiya.

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