Rivera – Rose Kupisiewicz / The Highlander

As the weather gets colder, it is time to put away the bathing suits and whip out the pumpkins. Here are a few fall-themed activities you should try. 

Go to a pumpkin patch

Although it is a little on the basic side, pumpkin patches are a fall staple and something you can do with both your family and friends. After picking out the perfect pumpkin, you can paint it, make a jack-o-lantern or even make a pumpkin-based recipe. 


With the weather getting a little colder, baking is the perfect way to warm up a fall evening. Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors; try making some ginger pumpkin cupcakes or an alamode apple pie. Any pumpkin-based treat can be a fall staple. 

Movie night 

Snuggling up next to the fireplace and watching the perfect autumn movie is one of the best ways to spend your fall nights. Some movie staples are “Hocus Pocus,” “Coraline,” and the “Harry Potter” series. Plan the perfect movie night filled with different fall-themed snacks and the comfiest pillow fort anyone has ever seen. If weather permits, try having it outside; all you need is a projector, a bedsheet, and a picnic blanket. 


Spending a cold fall night by the fire is a fall staple. Grab a couple of friends, and have a beach bonfire. If you are looking for something closer to campus, Dundee has three fire pits. Do not forget to bring s’mores supplies and all the snacks you can carry! 

Lazy day 

The cold fall weather often makes for the best lazy day. Give yourself a day to recuperate from all the midterm stress. Maybe do a facemask, take a hot bath with your favorite bath bombs or cuddle up with your blanket to binge your favorite TV show in bed. 

Coffee date 

Coffee is a vital part of the college student’s diet. Go with some friends to a niche coffee shop for a little coffee date. Have your main character moment: bring your laptop and a textbook, order an iced vanilla oat milk latte and stare out the window at the fall ambiance while pretending to study. 

Apple picking

It’s apple-picking season, so grab some friends and head over to an apple orchard, and take some Instagram pictures with the trees and your baskets full of apples. With the apples, make some apple pie, candy apples, or any other fall-themed treats! 

Corn maze 

Looking for a little more adventure? Head to a corn maze, or even better, a haunted corn maze. Although a little basic, corn mazes are such a fun activity to do with friends and family! Make it a competition to see who can escape the maze first. 

Fall-themed picnic 

Take some of the fall-themed treats you baked on a picnic! Not only is this the perfect activity for you and your friends, but it’s also an adorable fall date idea. So pack up the candy apples and apple pie, and do not forget about the perfect cheese board, a picnic essential.