Enrollement – Rose Kupisiewicz / The Highlander

With over half of the fall quarter already complete and winter fast approaching, registration is on everyone’s mind. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when registering for your classes: 

Don’t wait till the last minute

Classes fill up really fast, so be sure to know when your registration opens so you can have first dibs on classes. You can find all registration time tickets on R’Web in the registration tab under “prepare for registration.” Here, you can also see if there are any holds preventing you from registering for classes. Delaying registration will cause you nothing but trouble. Most likely, all the classes you want will be filled or happening at awkward times of the day.  

Avoid super early/ super late classes 

Sometimes it’s tough to avoid doing this, especially if you register late. Many students find it hard to handle both of these types of classes. Waking up super early is hard, especially when you’ve stayed up all night studying and cramming in all of your work. Going to class in the evening might be even harder, especially when you already had a full day before them. These class times can also get in the way of your life and make having a nice routine extremely difficult.  

Don’t forget to eat 

College is stressful, and you probably don’t want to add more stress to your life by being “hangry.” When scheduling classes, make sure to leave gaps for meals; it’s essential to eat something. Also, if at all possible, try aligning mealtimes with friends; it will be a nice break from class and refresh you for the rest of your day. 

Balance the difficulty level 

When creating your schedule, try to balance out your hard and easy classes. It’s essential to have free time to exist outside of class and studying, so don’t overwhelm yourself with four stem labs in one quarter. Likewise, don’t take all of your most challenging courses in the same quarter. It’s a balancing act. 

Make a term plan 

On the registration tab of R’Web, students have the opportunity to plan their term and access this plan during registration. It’s good to go into registration with some sort of idea of the classes you want and the time slots you want these classes to be at. R’Web allows you to have a maximum of three term plans per quarter, excluding your degree audit plan. Take advantage of this and make backup plans because sometimes original plans don’t always go as we would like them to.