The Associated Students of UCR’s sixth meeting was called to order on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021 in the ASUCR Senate Chamber. All senators were present, excluding senators Martinez and Akel. Motions to modify the current meeting’s agenda were called for by Executive Vice President Mufida Assaf and saw the addition of a Highlander Racing’s under New Business and Finance Hearing Minutes No. 10 and 11 to Committee Reports. Motions to open and approve the previous week’s meeting minutes took place as well. 

A public forum then began with an introduction from Isaac Lee, campus organizer of the California Public Interest Research Group. Lee began by describing CALPIRG’s commitment to social change since the ‘70s, with involvement in projects that work to protect the environment, provide hunger relief and promote civic engagement. He announced a new voters project that saw 10,000 students registering to vote with a voter turnout of 69%, a major increase since the prior election. A rally was also held by the research group to rally against oil spills and saw a collaboration with sister chapters from other universities including UCI, UCLA and USC. Two campaigns were also held including a 30-by-30 campaign that resolves to have 30% of land preserved by 2030. 

Another report was given during the forum by the personnel director of the Student Voice Committee, where she detailed the feedback that students had regarding the transition back to campus. According to a survey, 85.6% of students believed that UCR overall made the right decision in the transition back, although students’ opinions varied in regards to their comfort level with the university’s current accommodations. Through a question by SPP Sen. Arleth Flores Aparcio, it was clarified that all the data discussed can be found on the official ASUCR website. In addition, BCOE Sen. David Kiroloss hoped to get in contact in order to write a resolution to follow up with a case study.

Ex officio reports and Committee reports were also delivered during the meeting. At first, the galley saw the academic senate ratification of a variety of committees. A report was then delivered by the Ethnic and Gender office as well. As part of committee reports, motions were called for to open review Finance Hearing Minutes No. 10 for the finance meeting which took place on Oct. 28, 2021. A total of $14,264 were allocated to a variety of programs and clubs on campus, such as $2,589 for Flying Samaritans at UCR and $3,446 for Future P.I.L.L.S. Another motion was passed to open and review Finance Hearing Minutes No. 11 for the finance meeting which took place on Nov. 03, 2021, where a total of $18,389 were allocated for programs, including $2140 for Women’s Club Soccer and $3500 for MECHA de UCR. Both meeting minutes were approved with a vote of 14-0-0. 

One piece of legislation was subsequently reviewed following its approval from the Legislative Review Committee. Senate Resolution SR-F21-011 Emergency Student Worker Encouragement Act. Primarily authored by CHASS Sen. Christopher Kent, the legislation resolves to have the Associated Students of UC Riverside support UCR Dining Services efforts to hire more workers, through spreading awareness of available positions, the consideration of priority registration and reduced parking pass rates for student workers, raising the starting pay at the dining restaurants, and working in close collaboration with labor groups on campus to support future worker movements. 

As part of New Business, a GCAP Green Grant Application was reviewed for UCR’s Highlander Racing club. The application saw the student organization request support from ASUCR’s Green Campus Action Plan in order to have their racing development be in line with UCR’s sustainability efforts. 

The meeting concluded with senator reports, including an announcement from Sen. Kent regarding the reopening of the Subway and Hibachi-San on campus. Other announcements included an announcement from CNAS Sen.Rachel Paredes about an upcoming CNAS Town Hall meeting with a special visit from the dean, an announcement from CHASS Sen. Angelina Chavez about an upcoming Town Hall for the school of business and an announcement from CHASS Sen., President Pro-Tempore Orlando Cabalo, regarding his collaboration with ASUCR President William Wang as part of a $40,000 basic needs fund for groceries. The meeting was adjourned at 7:19 p.m.