Courtesy of SME via Youtube

The name “Tate McRae” is starting to become recognizable by anyone interested in the world of music as she continues to cement her legacy. McRae began to blow up around the beginning of the pandemic, and now that the world is starting to open up once again, the momentum that she gained then is not slowing down whatsoever. 

The song that really propelled her music career would have to be “You Broke Me First,” which has been streamed over 700 million times. As everyone knows, it is not usually one of the first songs of an artist that goes big, but rather the music they produce after that will tell about their future success. Shortly after the success of her first hit single, McRae has gone on to release songs with big-time artists such as Jeremy Zucker and Khalid, while also releasing her own EP titled, “TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD.” All of her songs have easily broken over millions of streams, and with that type of attention at the tender age of 18, it is becoming obvious that McRae is going to be a staple name within the upcoming years. 

With her latest release, “Feel Like Sh—,” McRae sings over a simple piano beat, allowing her voice and lyrics to carry the weight for the majority of the song. After the first listen, it is obvious that she has once again created a masterpiece, but the question remains: how has McRae garnered so much attention so quickly? The answer is quite obvious when listening to her lyrics as McRae tends to write about relatable topics that many teenagers and young adults can easily relate to. From toxic relationships to missing someone you shouldn’t be missing, McRae makes it a point to allow herself to be vulnerable with her listeners, making it clear that everyone goes through the same things in life.

Like with this newest single, for example, where the lyrics, “And usually I go out on nights / And not think of you once / But if they start playing that song / I can’t help but to think about us,” is something that anyone who has been in a relationship can understand. The pain of wanting that person to call or to hope that they would come back punctures deeply into the hearts of many fans. With simple lyrics, McRae creates this feeling of nostalgia in her listeners, bringing their own pain and emotion to life. 

Verdict: Just like she has proved in the past, her newest single is just another testament to the amazing songwriting that McRae brings to the table, and those who are into deep lyrical songs should give her latest song a listen.