Now that a lot of us are back to in-person classes, our schedules are suddenly packed with different activities throughout the day. Here are a few multitasking tips that will help you get through a stressful and busy day whether you’re doing remote or in-person learning. 

Clean your room while being in a Zoom meeting

Although the university has announced that we will be back to in-person learning, many of our professors have announced that they plan to remain online until the end of the quarter. While you’re in a Zoom meeting, take the time to clean your workspace and room. Wash the dirty laundry that has been sitting in your room since the beginning of the quarter. Hang your clothes that have been on “that chair.” Make your bed, and vacuum your floor so that you can wake up the next morning to a nice, clean room. 

Eat a snack while stretching to take a break

Many of us have become used to walking to our kitchen to grab a quick snack or meal during remote instruction. While watching your lecture or discussion, take the time to stretch and grab a snack. Do some lunges, walk around your living room or do a few rounds of arm circles. This will help your body relax a bit after sitting in one spot all day. 

Listen to a podcast while driving 

Whether you’re driving to school or back home, listening to the same song or playlist can sometimes be a bit boring. Try switching it up and listen to a podcast! Spotify has a bunch of different podcasts available for you to listen to on a short or long drive. You can also listen to your recorded lecture or discussion during your drive so that you won’t have to listen to it later in the day. 

Never leave empty handed

There’s always something you can put away when you’re walking into another room. If you’re rushing to your next lecture but need to finish organizing your area, plan what you are going to put away on your way out. You can make a list of all the things you need to put in another room or put everything you need in one pile so you can pick it up on your way out. 

Quickly check emails or messages while walking to class

Walking around campus can be a bit boring, especially if your class is on the opposite side of campus. You can quickly check your emails or notifications during your walk for any important messages from professors, job interviews, advisors or school events. It takes a few minutes to go over your emails and messages, and by the time you arrive at your destination, you’ve completed a task.