Courtesy of Kehlani Official Youtube

With Kehlani teasing her third studio album, “Blue Water Road,” on Twitter, fans have been excited regarding the news and are anxiously awaiting it. After the success that came from Kehlani’s last studio album, “It Was Good Until It Wasn’t,” fans have been awaiting the release of more music from the singer. Kehlani released her first single “altar” off the album back in September 2021. Kehlani returns with her second single “little story” from the album, released on Feb. 24While the album’s release date is not yet confirmed, Kehlani’s release of singles from the album, such as “altar” and “little story,” help to give fans a glimpse.

“little story” begins with a little instrumental as a guitar strums to the tune. As the guitar continues to play in the background of the song, it later gets paired with violins.. With the combination of both the guitar and violin, the tune of the song is able to beautifully blend with the lyrics and Kehlani’s vocals. This helps to create the right mood and gives life to the soft and sultry R&B song. Additionally, the tune adds to the lyrical components, matching with the peaceful and calming tone of the song. 

In the song, Kehlani mainly sings about asking for forgiveness from her lover and wanting to continue their “little story.” It shows a more raw side to Kehlani, as she sings about love and wanting to make up and carry on with the relationship. In the first pre-chorus of the song, Kehlani sings, “I want you to pick up the pen and write me into your story.” Through these lyrics, she is trying to convey her feelings and desires for another chance at the relationship. 

Kehlani’s vocals are what really shines through. In this specific song, Kehlani is able to match her soft and soothing vocals with the overall vibe of the song. Her voice is able to flow smoothly along with the notes and allows her vulnerability to show. With her singing, Kehlani is able to showcase the peaceful, heartfelt and chill vibes that go along with songs like “little story.” Kehlani displays her art through her music, giving her fans music for them to enjoy listening to.

Alongside the release of “little story,” Kehlani dropped a music video at the same time. The video is shot in black and white, highlighting the music more than the video itself. It takes the focus out from the visual senses and focuses more on the listening aspect. Despite the black and white effect, the video has plenty of character to represent the song and has the ability to be aesthetically appealing to watch. 

Since Kehlani’s past studio albums, she has continued to grow and mature in her music. Her music has changed from fast, upbeat songs to more heartfelt and raw lyrical focused tracks. She takes her fans along on her music journey through her emotions and growth in her own life. As her music gets released, she is able to tell stories through her songs and its lyrics. So far, this album has looked more toward growth through self-love and discovery. 

Verdict: Kehlani’s newest single shines with her soothing vocals and beautiful instrumentals in the background. “little story” excites fans as they eagerly await her upcoming album, releasing later this year.