Australian trio Camp Cope has returned to the music scene with their third album, “Running With The Hurricane.” Maintaining the powerful vocals and gentle instrumentation characteristic of their last two albums, “Running With The Hurricane” creates a soft album full of strong moments that is true to the band’s style while still offering something fresh to the ear.

The basslines of every track elevate each airy track from good to great, as evident on the album’s title track. Frontwoman Georgia Maq’s vocals are steady and soft, singing gently about love, loss and everything in between. The album’s mix gives the songs a gauzy, light feeling that makes it very easy to listen to. There are no sharp guitars or drums typical to the alt-rock scene, but that doesn’t prevent the songs from being any less catchy, with songs like “Blue,” “Love Like You Do” and “The Screaming Planet” standing out. The steady drums, keys and bassline keep the tone of the album soft, while still offering heart wrenching lyrics.

Every song feels especially crafted for swaying gently or driving late at night. Though still relatively underground, this album is more than enough proof that Camp Cope has staying power among the more popular male counterparts on their label, like Citizen and Turnover. These ladies create music that proves softness does not equate to weakness, and “Running With The Hurricane” is proof of that.