Star-crossed or meant to be?


You are the star of your show, Aries. With your dynamic personality, you need someone who doesn’t shy away from your strong traits. A Gemini will dive in with you, but won’t forget to consider the whole of the situation. They’ll be perceptive where you are bold, pulling you back and pushing you forward at just the right times. 


Taurus, you may see yourself as the safe choice, not the passionate, romantic one. It’s a Pisces that will make your heart stutter and bring you out of your comfort zone. Where you’re a homebody, they’ll push the boundaries and help you create memories you secretly yearned for. You may be resistant to this change, but you deserve the romance Pisces will offer you. It’ll be one for the books.


What you need is a complement, someone to be able to pick up on your witty jokes and understand your obscure cultural references, and a Leo will be able to keep with your charisma. They will dazzle alongside you, giving you support and a partner on equal footing. To match your intelligence will be their confidence as you go toe to toe and give each other the challenges you need to grow. You will be there for each other when you fail and understand one another’s hidden natures.


Cancer, you are so empathetic and you feel so deeply, carrying the rights and wrongs of others with you everywhere and it’s weighing you down. A Taurus will help ground you and find a way out of this mental prison you’ve built up. They’ll help you find a routine and stability that can’t be controlled by your strong emotions and empathy.


Your bold nature often serves you well, and being straightforward helps feed your ambition. A Libra will be your mirror, helping you see the parts of yourself that you can be proud of and reminding you of the character development you’ve yet to undergo. Their personality can maintain the extroverted side of you that already exists while highlighting the softer side that no one else gets to see. Their duality is what you need as you seem to only exist in one mode: go!


As an introvert, you struggle with expressing yourself well, and a Cancer’s finely tuned awareness will allow them to see past your self-critical mindset. It’s hard for you to see past your own faults, and a Cancer will be able to see the truth of your intelligent and perfectionist lifestyle. They can bring out self-awareness in you as you help them put themselves first.


You might feel like a contradiction, moving between states of extroversion and introversion. You feel like you help others see their truths through you, but who is there to help you? Sagittarius will be willing to explore your unknowns and can teach you to be unafraid of the changes that are intertwined with your life.


Scorpio, you’re good at forming surface relationships, but you’ve been struggling to really open up and let go of complete control. Virgo has been looking in all the wrong places for love as well and is feeling pessimistic about their prospects. It’ll be a hard won trust, but absolutely worth it as you slowly break down those barriers and learn to love each other and yourselves.


You keep opening up your heart and somehow, even when your heart is broken, you manage to still have hope. You’re willing to take risks, but you’re not brash either. For you, Aquarius would be willing to compromise. Show them how much the risk is worth it and that relationships can be flawed. Learn the intricacies of each other and accept one another for who you are. You’ll be able to overcome anything with your combined vibrancy.


It’s a Scorpio’s direct method that will begin to make cracks in your walls. While you’re not one for overt affection, they will show you the value of actions over words. For them, you can give them deeper connections and help build something really real. Once you get past all the beginning awkwardness, your romance will be one worth its weight in gold.


You worry about your independence and how it might affect your relationships, you need a partner who understands. A partner who wants the same. An Aries, with their own self-reliant qualities, will be able to give you space and have their own dreams. Their passion for love is something you sorely lack as you find it hard to see beyond the practicalities of love, as if there are any. They can teach you about the side of love that is unfamiliar to you.


It’s time to balance what you need in a partner with what you want, Pisces. An earth-shattering romance is just that: shattering. You need the passion of love but also something definite and dependable. A Capricon’s simultaneous sentimentality and stability. They want to build something real, even though it’s going to be hard, and they know that the best way to do that is based on affection and devotion. 

In the end, remember that the path to love is on you. It’s full of hard work, communication, and building trust. Base connections might be found here, but in the end, it’s up to you to make these predictions mean something real.

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