The Associated Students of UCR’s 25th meeting was called to order on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 in the ASUCR Senate Chamber. All senators were present, except CNAS senator Rachel Paredes, CNAS senator Catelin La, CHASS senator Tammar Akel, CHASS senator Hoang Vu and SOE senator Dorothy Doronila. Also present were Executive President William Wang, Vice President of Sustainability Alondra Martinez, and Elections Director Tricia Sarmiento from the Executive Cabinet. Motions were called to add Outreach Meeting Minutes #4 to the agenda by senator Vivek Patel and was approved 12-0-0. Motions to approve the agenda were called by CHASS senator Victoria Nguyen, and a vote was passed 12-0-0. Following this, an approval of previous meeting minutes was called by CHASS senator Christopher Kent, and the vote passed 12-0-0. 

The Public Forum began with a presentation from Mike Molom, who attends Montana State University and shared resources that he found useful for students. An app was built for streamlining the student process for student jobs. The app allows staff who have a last minute need for help with tasks to be posted on the app where students can see what the job entails. It was launched at the beginning of the year and they have already had over 1,000 students sign up and over 15,000 apply for jobs. Molom explained that this is set up for financial success while students are getting their degree and also serves for international students who don’t have work visas. If anyone is interested in the app, they can reach out to him or President Wang as he has his contact information.

The Executive Cabinet then delegated their ex-officio reports. Vice President of Sustainability Alondra Martinez discussed what she has accomplished so far in the quarter. She first expressed her appreciation with how all events from April have resulted in great turnouts and how she was able to pass two additional green grants. She is currently working on getting 1,000 signatures for sustainability center and working on the last event of the quarter, Ride R’Cycles. She will continue posting information posts on social media and will be posting GCAP applications for the next academic year. 

Elections Director Tricia Sarmiento followed with her report. Motions were first called by senator Aalani Richardson to amend the elections timeline, passing 12-0-0. She then discussed how ASUCR bylaws give power solely to the elections director and committee, so they are attached to the bylaws. The bylaws are not clear and offer no direction, causing her to make decisions on a daily basis for many aspects that are unclear. During elections, she had to juggle coordinating with the administration, committees and pro-staff while continuously communicating with all candidates. Sarmiento made it abundantly clear that she will not tolerate hurtful comments about her character or her committee. She explained that while ASUCR is a welcoming space, as a woman in leadership, it is still difficult to hold this position. To remedy the situation with elections, she is inviting three to four senators to edit the bylaws with her and pro-staff Laurie Sinclair on the elections guidelines and rules. This year’s elections had a 21% voter turnout rate, which is much higher than any previous years. 

Following this, Transfer and Non-Traditional Director Roxanna Vasquez then gave her report where she discussed planning a mental health event in week nine of the quarter. She will be teaming up with CHASS Transfer First to speak about their path of an undergraduate degree. Currently, a resolution is being written in support of a transfer center and she hopes to have a meeting with the provost.

Executive Vice President Mufida Assaf then gave her report detailing her progress regarding legislation and events. She hopes to amend vice president bylaws for anything they want to remove or add based on their experience as elected officials. A new position, VP Diversity Equity and Inclusion, may be established. Assaf has spoken to pro-staff Laurie Sinclair for guidance on this new position. The Ethnic & Gender program liaison and diversity council would be under this position. Members would be appointed to ensure diversity and inclusion. In addition, she wants to change director for marketing and promotions to a VP position. In regards to events, the E&G tabling will no longer be a tabling event but will instead be a passport system where students will visit the E&G offices and win a prize through a raffle. This would be done to have students garner knowledge of the location of the centers. A banquet will be held for ASUCR along with a social for new elected officials and current senators.

Lastly, First Time College Student Director Delane Ly gave her report detailing how she will be holding committee meetings two times a week for the end of year mixer event in the alumni center. She will be tabling at Glasgow on Thursdays at 6 p.m. to connect with first-year students to learn about the committee.  A finance hearing will be held for the end of the year mixer event.

Committee reports then saw a review of Finance Hearing Minutes #3 for the meeting that took place on May 6. Most notably in the hearing was the delegation of funding for First Time College Student Director Ly’s R’ Lu’au event, where $3.158 was allocated. In addition, the Judicial Council was allocated $3,120 for their Law Week event. Motions to approve the Finance Hearing Minutes were passed 12-0-0. Outreach Minutes #4 were also discussed upon and approved 12-0-0.

To conclude the meeting, multiple senators had announcements to make. President Pro-Tempore Orlando Cabalo gave updates regarding an initiative for the fund to feed students and on the student workers of the botanic gardens situation. In regards to the latter, he is partnering the student workers with student interns at the garden who have been advocating for equitable funding for the R’Garden that grows food to feed students. A protest will be held to advocate for their rights next Wednesday, May 25 at the Bell Tower at 11 a.m. Senator Kent announced that CHASS senators are hosting their final town hall of the year next Friday, May 20 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Hub 379 and over Zoom. Senator Nguyen announced and reported that she, along with senator Vu and senator Richardson, held a School of Business town hall and had a successful conversation with Dean Wang and speakers from the masters program. The meeting was then adjourned at 7:06 p.m.