Tired of eating dining hall food and not having a car to drive you outside of campus? UCR is surrounded by many restaurants, boba shops and fast food places! Here are a few popular restaurants that are a few minutes away from campus. All of these restaurants are also walking distance from campus so you never have to ask a friend to drive you!

Hotties Fried Chicken

Located in the University Village (UV), Hotties is one of UCR’s favorite fried chicken restaurants. Hotties is a Nashville style fried chicken restaurant that serves large portions of chicken tenders that will make you full after a few bites. Their spice levels range from no spice to mega for those who enjoy taking their spice tolerance to the next level. Their house-made lemonade and hot shake fries are also a must-have!

7Leaves Cafe

If you’re craving boba, 7Leaves is the place for you! Also located in the University Village, 7Leaves has a variety of different flavors from a basic house milk tea to a strawberry hibiscus tea. 7Leaves is also popular for their Vietnamese house coffee and sea cream black coffee. They also serve macaroons if you’re craving something sweet. If you have a class at the UV theater, don’t forget to stop by 7Leaves before or after your class as it opens at 7AM on weekdays. 


Craving banh mi or pho? Cha2o is your best option! Open until 11PM, this Vietnamese fusion restaurant serves all kinds of meals and snacks from popcorn chicken to fried rice that will fulfill your late night cravings. They also serve delicious desserts and a variety of tea options if you’re craving boba! It’s also the perfect place to study or meet up with friends and family.