Uncle Chuang’s - Ashley Chen / The Highlander
Uncle Chuang’s – Ashley Chen / The Highlander

Located at the University Village near campus, Uncle Chuang’s Bakery is one of Riverside’s hidden gems. Baked fresh every day, Uncle Chuang’s Bakery specializes in all sorts of baked goods such as ice cream sandwiches and savory and sweet breads. They also serve a variety of cake options for any special occasion, such as birthday parties, weddings and family gatherings.

Opened on December 8th, 2013, the family-owned business had the goal of bringing together Asian and American cultures through their products in order to satisfy everyone’s hunger. With most of their items ranging from $2-$6, Uncle Chuang’s Bakery is one of the most affordable and delightful bakeries for students who are looking for something to snack on.

After talking to Madison Rheins, one of Uncle Chuang’s Bakery employees and The Highlander’s Editor-In-Chief, she explained that the bakers at Uncle Chuang’s Bakery come in every day from 1 A.M. to 9 A.M. to bake all the breads and cakes. The employees then come in at 8 A.M. to package all the baked goods for customers to purchase first thing in the morning.

I had the opportunity to try a variety of desserts recommended by Rheins and with Uncle Chuang’s Bakery affordable and freshly baked goods, the bakery did not disappoint! To start off, I had the opportunity to try the garlic bun for $2.00. The bread was soft and moist with a hint of garlic butter. Garlic buns are known to be very greasy but the ones I had surprisingly didn’t have much oil. 

Next up was the lychee strawberry ice cream sandwich for $3.00. After letting it melt for a bit, the cookies had a very soft and smooth texture that goes well with the silky lychee sorbet. The medium sized ice cream sandwich was perfect for my liking as it satisfied my sweet tooth without being overwhelmingly sweet. After finishing the ice cream sandwich, I had the opportunity to try the mini tiramisu for $4.25. The cake also wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet as you could taste a hint of coffee through every bite. It’s perfect for anyone craving a sweet dessert on a hot day. 

Finally, I was able to try their ice green tea. At first, I thought it would be bitter like most unsweetened teas, however, I was shocked to find that their green teas are sweetened and brewed fresh every day. Excitingly enough, their iced green teas are free for any purchase above $12. Overall, I was very satisfied with my experience at Uncle Chuang’s Bakery and will definitely start coming here more often.