Grocery store hummus often falls short, lacking the flavor and depth of the dish. Here is a quick and easy authentic Palestinian Hummus recipe you should try at home.    

Feat_Hummus2_Courtesy of Pexels
Feat_Hummus2_Courtesy of Pexels




















Prep time: 10 minutes 

Serving Size: 4 servings 

Ingredients: (all ingredient measurements are approximations and can be altered for taste and preferences) 

1 can of garbanzo beans 

2 tablespoons of tahini (sesame puree; can be purchased at local Arabic market) 

1 lemon (squeezed)  

1 tablespoon of olive oil  

1 clove of garlic 

Salt to taste 


Open a can of garbanzo beans and rinse with water. 

Add rinsed garbanzo beans, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and olive oil into a blender or food processor and pulse till smooth.  

Spread hummus onto a plate, top with olive oil, and serve. 

You can enjoy this dish with various vegetables, pita chips, and pita bread. 

Bon appetite and happy hummus making!