My favorite thing to cook during winter is soup. There is nothing better than a hot, delicious bowl of soup on a cold night. However, I don’t always have the time to stand by the stove all day to cook. So this is my favorite to make when I am in a time crunch. My Chicken Tortilla soup is super easy to make, can be made in under 30 minutes and is also budget friendly. 

Serving Size: 2-3 medium sized bowls 

Prep Time: Less than 30 minutes


Two cups of chicken broth 

½ of a small can of Enchilada sauce (can add more or less by taste) 

1 Can of black beans 

1 Can of Corn 

1 Whole Chicken, shredded (I like to pick up the pre-cooked, rotisserie chickens from Stater Bros) 

1 Cup shredded cheese

1 small pack of corn tortillas

1-2 Ripe avocados

Start by shredding your chicken and setting it to the side. Then drain and rinse your canned black beans and corn.  Add the veggies and chicken to a large pot with the chicken broth and the enchilada sauce and slowly bring to a simmer on medium heat. 

While the soup is heating up, take a frying pan with a bit of neutral oil (like canola or vegetable oil) and warm it up on the stove on a medium setting. Take a couple corn tortillas and cut them into strips. Fry the strips in the pan until they’re golden brown and crispy. Remove from the pan and let them cool down. Once your soup is hot and bubbling just a bit, remove from heat and serve. 

Top with your crunchy tortilla strips, cheese and a few slices of fresh avocado and enjoy! 

It is that simple and just as delicious. It’s a great meal to make in the winter if you’ve got a tight budget or just want something quick to make. It’s also super easy to double and serve for a larger party and very versatile so you can adjust it to your own tastes! It’s one of my all time favorite winter comfort foods and now maybe it will be for you too!