This particular housing was constructed, owned, and operated by American Campus Communities. Currently, North District Phase 2 consists of adding approximately 1600 accommodations served in various styles in the new construction zones and 4 new interim parking lots. Which, depending on demand, may end up as parking structures instead. As well as a recreational area north of the original North District. It is anticipated that occupancy for the new apartments will begin in the Fall of 2025.

Campus housing is meant to be an affordable way for students to live close to or on school grounds. Many of these units are intended to be 30% below market rate. North District rates can range from $1.3k to $1.5k a month depending on which unit an individual rents. Qualifying students have the opportunity to get a grant which enables them to live in North District for around $700 a month. In terms of market value, people living off campus pay around $500-$700 for a double occupancy room and around $800-$1100 for single occupancy. Which suggests that North District is one of the more expensive options available to students, but still remains cheaper than living on the campus residence halls.

To accommodate for the increase of students, there are also plans to relocate foot traffic to redirect it from Canyon Crest. One schematic has plans to have a pathway that leads from the Phase 2 buildings across Linden that goes directly toward Skye Hall. There are also plans to create more bike routes around the new construction sites to promote sustainable transportation.

There are no concrete plans for the layout of Phase 2 residence buildings yet. Some ideas propose that it starts as a commercial building on the bottom floor and becomes residential on the upper floors. Others have it remain entirely residential with study rooms and a cafe scattered throughout as well as washrooms, workout spaces, and lounges. As of far, there are no plans to create a retail space in the area. Mainly so that the school can continue to insource jobs as much as possible.

Some concerns were brought up in the recent Phase 2 meeting, such as how the expansion will affect Crest housing kids walking to and from school; how it will affect the current route to the childcare building which was already quite difficult to take due to an undeveloped patch of land near the Blaine and Watkins intersection. As well as a request to plant trees earlier so that by the time construction is complete these new routes will have shade for children to walk under during the hotter part of the year.

There are a few lots listed in the proposed plan that currently will remain undeveloped for Phase 2 of the project. These lots include numbers 7, 9, and 10. There is no sure plan of what these lots will be used for in future phases of the project, but it is hypothesized that they will be eventually used for either additional housing or green space in the area.