Want to be more eco-friendly this quarter? Challenge yourself to refrain from buying clothes and reuse what you already have with these tips.

It’s hard to avoid falling into the trap of microtrends on TikTok and the internet, especially when it comes to clothing. The best thing that I have tried that helps me avoid buying new items is thoroughly going through my closet. I take everything out, lay it on my floor, and organize exactly what I have. This always helps me realize just how many clothes I have that I love to wear.

Another tip is to try and change up how you style your outfits. If you feel like you wear the same things over and over, challenge yourself to try pairing different pieces together or experiment with layering. If you wear it, you can also pair different pieces of jewelry with your clothing to give it a refresh. I also love trying out new hairstyles when my style feels stagnant. Your hair can change the whole vibe of an outfit!

Additionally, learning to properly fix your clothes can be a huge help in reinvigorating your wardrobe. Once you learn how to add that button back to your favorite sweater or mend the hole in your shirt, you can give new life to old clothing that can be worn once again. I also think that tailoring items of clothing to fit your body better makes you much more likely to love and wear them.

And if you’re still feeling the need to buy new clothing, try some of these tips to help you make smart shopping decisions. Avoid buying things on a whim! Rather than immediately buying something once you see it, let the idea of the purchase rest in your head for a week. If you’re still thinking about it, then you may really like this piece of clothing. Another thing to do if you want to make a purchase is critically take a moment to compare what you want to buy to other items in your closet. If you already have something similar, it’s probably not worth it.

Keeping your closet sustainable can be a really fulfilling feeling, so try it out!