“I think the holiday is cool for people who like to celebrate it and it brings people together” – Tanner Marston, 4th-year, he/him, political science 

“I love Valentine’s Day because I am a girl who likes love. It’s cute to appreciate others, whether it’s your friends or a significant other. I love all the pink and red colors” – Lynette Siahaan, 1st-year, she/her, biology

“I really like Valentine’s Day. I love the idea of love and I think it’s a good day for couples to do something special. I also like the inclusion of Galentine’s Day.” – Nylah Canalita, 1st-year, she/her, sociology

“If I could sum it up in one word, it would be scary. The holiday brings up a lot of emotions and you can’t always predict or prepare for it. “ – Orlando Murguia, 1st-year, he/him, film production

“Valentine’s Day is also my birthday. I like the holiday but it’s annoying because I have to buy other people gifts on my birthday when I’d expect to receive them.” – Lennox Jeffries, 1st-year, he/him, undecided

“I really enjoy Valentine’s Day. I like the giving of flowers. The other day in one of my classes a girl handed out flowers and it was nice” – Reina Jung, 1st-year, she/her, pre-business