Amidst the love in the air, here are a few songs to dedicate to your friends, crush, partner or even yourself!

“Cariño” by The Marías
While The Marías have an entire discography filled with romantic songs, “Cariño” is a track with a heart-melting melodic arrangement. The brass on this song sounds straight out of a ranchera love song. Maria’s sweet-sounding voice never disappoints, especially in “Cariño.”

“Mariners Apartment Complex” by Lana Del Rey
While Del Rey’s “Video Games” is often named as a love song, the song is ultimately about neglect from her boyfriend. Instead of dedicating “Video Games” to your partner this Valentine’s Day, try devoting “Mariners Apartment Complex” to yourself. Paired alongside beautiful instrumentation, the song is about Del Rey’s lovers misunderstanding her. When they learn to love her the way they should, she has already learned to love herself as she reaches a state of peace. Del Rey is a poet and her songwriting never fails to be creative.

“Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears
Beyond lyrics about worries of a potential heartbreaker, the song is sung in a manner of pure passion. “Head Over Heels” speaks to those who are aware of their hopeless romantic tendencies, but still fall in love with someone no good for them. Lyrics aside, this 1980s pop song is an instant banger.

“Crushcrushcrush” by Coco & Clair Clair
The pop-rap duo is known for their comical lyrics and “Crushcrushcrush” exhibits their talents in all of the best ways. Coco & Clair Clair bounce off of each other’s verses and complement their voices well. In conjunction with the 1980s-style drums and sparkly synths, the song will have you dancing to “…you kinda look like a duck. But a b*tch might start quackin’.”

“Prototype” by Outkast
Every hip-hop fan has thought about their crush when listening to this song at least once in their life. “The Love Below” is a classic Valentine’s Day anthem. “Prototype” has a minimal sound and a simple guitar riff, yet Outkast outdid themselves with this track. If this song is not already your favorite early 2000s favorite long song — it is now.

“Come Over” by the Internet
In a combination of Syd’s smooth voice, and the flirty lyrics, “Come Over” encapsulates the feeling of starting a new relationship. The wordplay in the song is fun and playful, but it also is accompanied by funky and soul rhythms. “Come Over” will have you blushing by the end of the song.


  • Jaelyn Gonzalez

    Jaelyn Gonzalez is a former Arts & Entertainment Assistant Editor for the Highlander. Her love for alternative culture brought her to report on the independent arts and SoCal culture. When she is not writing she is DJ'ing!