Valentine’s Day is the epitome of love and relationships, but what about the gals? Though Galentine’s falls on Feb. 13, there is nothing wrong with wanting to cuddle up with your friends and celebrate the love behind friendships this Feb. 14. Here are some charming episodes that will have the gals entertained.

“Friends” Season 4 Episode 20 “The One with All the Wedding Dresses”
Notable for its comedic legacy throughout the 90s, “Friends” has become a hit classic when it comes to its ever-lasting friendships. This episode follows Monica as she becomes enamored with her brother’s fiance’s wedding dress, so much so that she can’t take it off. Meanwhile Rachel wants her current boyfriend, Joshua, to propose, which leads to their break-up and her eventual reunion with her wedding dress from season one. And Phoebe, being her quirky self, buys a wedding dress while being heavily pregnant to join the gals for binge-watching and eating popcorn on the couch in elegance. Though humorous, the episode unites the women together as single, happy ladies.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 5 Episode 19 “Bachelor/ette Party”
Also known as the “Sleuth Sisters,” Amy and Rosa have proven to be best friends when it comes to their odd yet endearing friendship. This episode follows Rosa as she plans for Amy’s bachelorette party. The night soon turns into a mission where the women must cancel Amy’s wedding band as she previously dated its lead singer, who also happens to still be in love with her, and who refuses to cancel unless he is paid a fee. After chaotically burning the contract, Amy and Rosa share a tender moment where Rosa confesses that she has difficulty expressing her emotions. The scene allows viewers to understand Rosa’s growth as she opens up to Amy about personal experiences, allowing their bond to strengthen and grow closer together.

“Sex Education” Season 2 Episode 3 and Episode 7
Beginning as a show that revolves around giving guidance to young high schoolers about sex, “Sex Education” has possibly created one of the most amusing and loving friendships between Maeve and Amy. Their friendship begins way before the show’s timeline, and their inevitable bond proves so on screen. This episode encounters a heavy subject matter as Amy gets on the bus to surprise Maeve with a birthday cake, but is unfortunately assaulted on her way there. Maeve later accompanies Amy to the police station to file a report and sticks by her friend’s side as she attempts to recover from this traumatic experience. As the season goes on, Amy suffers anxiety and is often comforted by Maeve. Later in episode 7, Amy, nerve-ridden to get on the bus, is joined by Maeve and other female classmates to make Amy comfortable. The episode was quite the tear-jerker as it proved how memorable loving friendships can become.

“Spy X Family” Season 1 Episode 24 “The Role of a Mother and Wife/Shopping with Friends”
This anime series follows a spy (Loid/Twilight), an assassin (Yor) and a young telepath (Anya) as a family. After Anya is enrolled in Eden Academy, she becomes friends with Becky Blackbell. Broken into two mini-stories, “Shopping with Friends” follows Anya and Becky as they go on a shopping trip in an effort to make Damian Desmond, a fellow classmate and the son of wealthy Donovan Desmond, notice Anya as Becky believes that she likes him. In reality, Anya wants to become Damian’s friend because it is necessary for her adoptive father’s mission to take down Donovan. Fun and witty at certain moments, the episode ends with a cherishing scene where Anya and Becky buy matching sheep keychains.