Deladeso, aka Richie Velazquez, is a multimedia wizard based in Riverside, California. Deladeso is an artist, musician, show host and many more roles in the entertainment realm. I spoke with Deladeso in his immersive art studio, Oofalandia. The art space looks like it came out of a Saturday morning cartoon with his visually striking art pieces at every corner. Most of the pieces draped on the walls are forms of the grime art style. Grime style is when pop art symbols look like they are slowly melting. Deladeso is the godfather of the transformative art style. Deladeso would add the drip aesthetic to skating videos made by his friends. These videos allowed Deladeso to exercise his artistic muscles. He began applying the grimy style to portraits of pop culture icons such as Jimi Hendrix and Mickey Mouse. Deladeso’s modified images of prolific creators like Kurt Cobain gained a cult following and infused the mainstream with his artistic craft.

The art of Deladeso represents his passion for pop culture iconography born in the 1990s. “The Simpsons,” “Nicktoons” and “Goosebumps” fueled Deladeso’s childhood. The programs enhanced his creative mindset and inspired him to create his cartoon, “Los Dumpies.” The animation served as a fresh way to present Deladeso’s art. Further into the pandemic, Deladeso was given an opportunity to build out the world he created with “Los Dumpies.” He transformed an old brewery into the unbelievable Oofalandia. The spot became a place for Deladeso and his friends to hang out. They started to film their experience in the studio to preserve their memories. The homemade films evolved into the creation of Más Fun T.V.

Season Uno of Más Fun T.V. recently wrapped up, holding 11 episodes that allowed viewers to relax and have fun with various artistic innovators. Deladeso hosts each episode as he chats with musicians, artists and creators. Episode diez gave a spotlight to the psychedelic funk band Chola Orange. The sounds of Chola Orange are reminiscent of Jamiroquai and Funkadelic. However, Chola Orange creates its music with cinematic lenses. Songs on their Tokyo Sunset album open with blockbuster sound effects or cinematic dialogue. Tokyo Sunset blends film, music and art to create a masterpiece that subverts sound entertainment.

The latest episode of Más Fun T.V highlighted a Latina singer/songwriter named Chrisol. Chrisol’s music could be recognized by her signature Latin-Disco-Soul sound. Songs like “Corazón” and “Hypnotized” are built on the enchanting vocals of Chrisol. She deserves more recognition than she gets as Chrisol has the talent needed to spice up the music industry.

Más Fun T.V. is expanding into apps, animation, art, music and food. The Más Fun T.V. app can be downloaded on almost every device. The app encompasses countless forms of entertainment that are suitable for all ages. There will be a music video showcase called “para la cultura” and a cooking show titled “tengo hambre.” The two new shows are barely the tip of the iceberg, as Deladeso plans to create more shows that can provide a sense of positive morale.

Riverside has always been important to Deladeso. Recently, he got a space at the newly opened Raincross District. The district has set up shop in downtown Riverside and is open every day from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. The Raincross District houses art installations, vintage clothes vendors, and sustainable essentials. Deladeso’s grime art serves as one of the art installations in the district. The exhibit contains a chunk of Oofalandia that has Deladeso’s artwork incorporated into its design. The immersive experience is meant to remind everybody that life is fun.

You can download the Más Fun T.V app at