Soul and heavenly vocals surround the tunes of Omar Apollo. Recently coming off a Best New Artist Grammy nomination, Apollo has risen from the ground up to bless his fans with alternative R&B, pop and hues of reggaeton.

The artist’s start to music was unsteady due to Apollo’s financial struggles. When attempting to release his first single, “Ugotme,” Apollo was unable to pay the $30 fee required to upload the song, and was aided by a friend. Once uploaded, “Ugotme” rose to popularity as listeners fell in love with the way that it tugged at the heartstrings.

As his voice became recognized, Apollo continued to release refreshing songs. His latest project and first album release from 2022, “Ivory,” defied the norms of R&B with sultry and electro-pop vocals as the singer reminisced about past relationships. Captivating and melancholic tunes continue to capture Apollo’s sensual essence in his latest single, “3 Boys.”

“3 Boys” consists of smooth vocals that rain against the heart as Apollo sings about relationships with multiple voices. “I should take your advice and find someone new / So I could have two” are words that emphasize how people can love more than one heart at a time. Themes of non-monogamy, relationships and attachment intermingle to create a burning effect that is sure to mark listeners’ minds.

Apollo’s light voice empowers the significance of each verse. His emotion stands out the most when he sings, “Three boys would work if I wasn’t so tethered to you,” a hard-hitting line that the singer puts plenty of feeling into.

Guitar and bass ring throughout the single, aligning themselves with Apollo’s voice. Each sound can deepen not only the meaning of the lyrics but also the transcending emotions Apollo evokes. Together, everything combines to create a realistic experience of human connection.

Every lyric plays an important role when it comes to describing relationships, and their ability to lock within one’s heart and soul. Apollo never shies away from the fact that having more than one voice to talk to can withhold exhilarating feelings, but also create strain and complexities within individuals. Non-monogamous relationships are a subject that many can relate to, and Apollo’s “3 Boys” will have many thinking about their relationships, situationships and more.

Verdict: As Apollo’s first release in 2023, “3 Boys” is emblematic of the young artist’s soulful year with music. For now, fans are sure to be listening to this single from morning to night.