UCR offers a plethora of free on campus resources that all students can, and should, use. These resources may be labeled as free, however, you are paying for them with your tuition and are entitled to utilize them. Here are four free resources to aid in your success. 

Costo Hall 

Costo Hall is a hub for diversity and inclusion here at UCR. Home to African student programs, Middle Eastern Student Programs, LGBTQ+ resource center, Native American student programs, and many more, Costo Hall is the perfect place to get involved on campus. For more information on Costo Hall, check out our articles Campus spotlight: Introduction to Costo Hall part 1 and Campus spotlight: Introduction to Costo Hall part 2

Student Recreation Center (SRC) programs 

The SRC offers an amazing range of programs, most free and some for a small fee. Perfect your martial arts or learn how to salsa with one of the SRC’s expert instructors at their activity classes. Looking for a fun free way to work out, sign up for one of their free Zumba, pilates, yoga, weight training, cycling, and BOSU group fitness classes

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS

CAPS provides a plethora of free psychological services to all registered UCR students; services are available both virtually and in person. CAPS offers individual counseling, group therapy, addiction aid, and psychotherapy. They also provide psychiatric referrals and crisis consultation through emergency interventions and workshops. For students experiencing or who know someone experiencing a mental health crisis CAPS also offers the “red folder,” aiding students in proper response protocols to situations involving mental health.  

Academic Resource Center 

The academic resource center offers free academic support to struggling and succeeding students. Regardless of academic standing all students should feel free to take advantage of the resources provided. ARC provides supplemental instruction, tutoring, writing support, and early assistance. Students can also sign up for the ARC coaching and assisting peer mentoring program allowing them to develop skills useful to them well beyond graduation.