An anonymous insider tip was given to the Highlander regarding the greatly anticipated Spring Splash lineup. The Associated Students Programming Board (ASPB) came back with its return last year in its physical format. Since then, ASPB has been trying to bounce back from the pause of live events.

To garner attention for the last live music event of the year, ASPB will bring the following artists for this year’s Spring Splash: Ice Spice with support from IceJJFish, Frankie Nathaniel Jonas and Madison Beer.

This year’s Spring Splash lineup is the most diverse yet with pop and online star Madison Beer to rapper Ice Spice, along with hidden gems like IceJJFish.

The lineup also includes opening acts from the Jonas Brothers’ long-lost sibling, Frankie Nathaniel Jonas. The new brother to the group was found through a 23 and Me test. Jonas then made a career switch from clown school student to the band’s newest addition. However, for now, he will be touring solo, as he only sings covers from Playboi Carti.

The Highlander also received a tip regarding IceJJFish’s Spring Splash performance. The performer might bring out surprise guests, which are rumored to be 100 Gecs and Tokischa to sing “Perra.”

There’s nothing more refreshing than being blessed with the sounds of Madison Beer, whose “Renegade” dance will bring memories of the good old times. As the first performance, she will lift off the Riverside heat and transport UCR to a new reality.

To end the night, the famed Ice Spice will serve as one of the most iconic Headliners ASPB has ever brought. There are even small whispers saying that PinkPantheress may even appear to sing “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” alongside the rapper, so be sure to keep your ears open.

This year’s Spring Splash is sure to turn heads and remain the most memorable event to date!

Happy April Fool’s Day! This article features exaggerated content and does not resemble actual events, persons, or places.