The musical symphonies of “Euphoria” returns with Labrinth’s latest release, “Never Felt So Alone,” featuring Billie Eilish. Fans of the singer and show may recognize the beginning tune as it was teased during “Euphoria’s” Christmas special, “Trouble Don’t Always Last.”

“Never Felt So Alone” begins with Labrinth’s mellow voice that melts your ears. Eilish’s voice smoothly intermingles with Labrinth’s words, shifting to a delicate beat that plays throughout the song.

The first verse transforms into short, broken lines: “In a whip (Woah) thinkin’ ‘What if (Woah) / You and this (Woah) never existed?” Labrinth creates a distressing feeling during this verse as their voice cuts in and out. The lyrics touch upon themes of loss, referring to either friendships or romantic relationships. There is a sense of desperation to be reunited with that lost connection, and Labrinth and Eilish’s voices reminisce on these emotions.

Eilish doesn’t hide her vocal range in the second verse as it extends into a smooth tune singing, “I thought you were my new best friend (My).” Her voice feels deeper and more relaxed compared to her earlier projects like “Don’t Smile at Me” and “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” where her voice was fainter.

“And I never felt so alone” repeats throughout the chorus, yet it stands as a powerful line that many listeners can relate to. The line feels personal to not only each artist but translates well to “Euphoria” as several of the characters undergo their moments of solidarity. Though the lyrics and beat are sorrowful, there is a dream-like energy to them in full “Euphoria” fashion.

Labrinth ends with, “I could never be more alone than when I ain’t got you here,” leaving listeners with an aching sensation.

Verdict: Labrinth and Eilish mesh effortlessly in “Never Felt So Alone” as they sing about loneliness and loss. Their smooth vocals will remain in fans’ playlists for months to come.