Released May 12, 2023, the Jonas Brothers’ latest album titled ‘The Album’ is their sixth album released as a band. This is their second album since they regrouped for ‘Happiness Begins’ back in 2019. The overall vibe of the album is perfect for a laid-back day in the sun.

Starting with “Miracle,” we get a funky bass rhythm mixed with an island type of piano riff that continues to drive the song to be very fast-paced but also have you dancing and grooving. The lyrics continue to be a heartfelt letter to a partner about them being a miracle in their life and how they make them feel. Romantic, heartfelt lyrics are something that has always been a staple with the Jonas Brothers and their songs. Upbeat, loving songs that you can dance and even scream out whenever.

“Montana Skies” shifts the pace to something more laid back while describing that although they have friends and people that live in more busy cities like New Jersey or Calabasas, they’d rather go to a calmer setting with lyrics like “Montana skies / Georgia sunsets / you’re the one walking in my head.”

The third song off the record, “Wings,” was the lead single from the record.. Driven by a synth bass rocking the driving pace, it talks about the other person, a partner, being the inspiration for them to fly with these “wings” they will use to fly and go on to new ventures.

“Sail Away” follows a description of transcending their current reality and going off to a different world when they are in the comfort of their partner. Lyrics such as “you make my physical spiritual / when I’m in your arms I sail away” have a choir that helps to emphasize the song and its soulfulness. “Celebrate!” is indeed a cause for celebration as we’re greeted by a choir that rejoices in a time to be alive. Guided by the sound of trumpets and heavy bass to emphasize the dance feel that it has. The lyrics continue to echo this chorus of celebrating through the good and bad times, and this is the time to allow for that stress to leave your body and simply dance.

The record continues with “Americana,” which contains multiple references to American culture as it describes a certain person with their sense of fashion and music taste. A song that highlights a laid-back kind of relationship where “we’re gonna get home when we get home.” Another single from the record, “Waffle House” allows listeners to gain insight into the struggles within the family as this song addresses moments where the three brothers have clashed in the past. But even when the times get rough, things will get figured out through deep conversation. Despite coming from a ‘‘headstrong father and a determined mother,” it’ll all get figured out in due time, and “[they] know it’s all love.”

Throughout the second half of the album, things begin to slow down.“Vacation Eyes” is guided by starting us off with a beautiful piano melody that then gets supported by a steady, easy-going drum beat and a strong bass rhythm. The lyrics tell us how they feel on vacation already just by getting lost in their partner’s eyes. “Little Bird” is a much slower song, as every Jonas Brothers album does have at least one song that’s relatively slower than the rest of the album. “Walls” is the perfect way to wrap up the album by being another relatively slower, more reflective song on how deep in love they are with their partner, and if they were to leave, they’d be devastated.

“Summer in the Hamptons” is more of a catchy repetitive track emphasizing the feelings of getting close to your partner, and “Summer Baby” continues the constant love they have for their partner, continuously falling in love with them every single day.

Overall, this album is an upbeat, catchy compilation where everyone can vibe and relax at the beach or listen on a drive with friends.

Verdict: Jonas Brothers’ “The Album” is the album for the summer and is another heartfelt album that surpasses its previous release.