In pursuit of trying new things and hobbies, it can be a struggle to implement them into your life. Haley Barton is no exception, yet she has endured and committed to growing in her craft and embracing all of its potential by merging it with her career interests. 

Her interest in crocheting sparked through the turbulence of the pandemic. With unaccustomed free time, she found herself like many of us, searching the web for youtube videos of her topic of interest. In an interview with The Highlander, Barton shared, “I developed my craft within two and a half years, spending an average of two to three hours a day. Crochet bumblebees were in trend at that time, they were too expensive so I decided to learn and make them myself.” Although powered by excitement, she quickly felt the frustration of not having an in-person instructor to ask for guidance. She almost quit three times before experiencing the outcome of her first creation within a week of starting. 

This was the origin of a new creative side that she didn’t know was in her reach. When asked what she enjoyed most about this medium of art, Barton replied “It is the most forgiving art medium because if you mess up, you can just pull the string to unravel it just to the point where you messed up and continue from there.” 

Now a more adept crocheter and college student, she aims to create what doesn’t exist into the world. Her confidence has developed throughout  every consecutive creation, such as stuffed animals, hair accessories, bags, and most importantly custom clothing pieces. Confidence was the key to utilizing her hobby and forming a business. Passionate with the power to create  limitless possibilities, she hopes that leaders of our generation can wear what she has to offer. 

If you’re looking for a business that is both stylish and conscious, look no further. Her brand, Fluffy Details’ mission statement is clear: to revolutionize the fashion industry by creating beautiful and eco-friendly clothing that is designed to make every woman feel confident. 

To give you an idea of how she endeavors to carry out these values, a particular piece of hers offers a fresh perspective on a well known essential: the “Little Black Dress.” Relying on emotional experiences for inspiration, she reacted with the creation of her statement piece, “Little Black Chain Dress.”  This is a benevolent twist on the established basics that at times can become generic and restricting. Not altering and compromising the essence of the design, Barton explained “ I’ve seen other black chained dresses, but while I love the iconic look they’re so uncomfortable because the chains are cold to the touch. I wanted to elevate the design, create a comfortable spin on the dress and add crochet chains. The entirety of the dress is handmade, presenting an all knitted black dress with crochet chains that are adjustable for a more flattering fit on the person.” While she also lets other creators inspire her work, she makes sure to scarcely take away certain techniques of design but sticks to the originality of her creativity for her brand. 

Courtesy of Pexels
Courtesy of Pexels

Behind the curtains: Production of Pieces 

When she isn’t in classes, studying or leisurely hanging out with her friends and boyfriend, Barton dedicates time on expanding her business. The time commitment varies on what she creates, but an approximate estimate for bags can take anywhere from five to eleven hours. For clothing she can spend up to one day or a whole week. Ultimately, the design elements and vision for her pieces dictate how long the process of creation takes. 

In terms of managing expenses, not relying on a source of income Barton first started taking Instagram requests from friends and acquaintances that had seen her artwork. This would entail them purchasing their own yarn for her to use. Once she had created their requests, they would let her keep any leftover yarn. This served her well for practicing but now after starting a business she finds it better to invest and buy her own yarn. For materials to be more accessible, she utilizes coupons and entrusts readers with her go-to place for crafters, JOANN’s. 

A well planned formula for determining the price of her pieces include looking at market rates for similar products targeting designated audiences, adding the time of the whole design process, acknowledging the difficulty or ease of creation, adding the level of originality, and finally all the materials and expenses that went into that singular piece. Emphasizing sustainability, her brand evidently stands out from the surplus of fast fashion brands revolving around us. While some pieces can be deemed a little pricey, the quality and uniqueness of pieces don’t go unnoticed. By choosing to invest in  high-quality, long-lasting clothing that is eco-friendly you are contributing to a brighter future of the planet and getting your money’s worth. Doing the most to make the brand more accessible, there is an option that provides a trade-in policy. If you purchase from the website and further down the line decide you don’t want that singular piece, you are able to turn it in for free and in exchange get a 20% discount towards a new purchase. That item that was returned will then be repurposed and recycled in a proper manner. 

As a passionate business owner, Haley Barton evidently has the desire to learn as much as she can and grow. Pursuing a degree in business administration will undoubtedly provide her with the necessary tools and knowledge to take her business to new heights. By focusing on quality and creating a strong brand identity with shared values many can appreciate, Barton hopes to expand her business and create as much demand as possible. Supported by university resources, she plans to reach out to the Crochet Club for a collaboration, and donate professional handcrafted clothes to the R’Closet for more exposure. Recently, she’s even done tabling at the ASPB Thrift Event. Through her involvement on-campus and outreach efforts, Haley Barton is determined to make a name for herself and her business. With her dedication and hard work, the future of “Fluffy Details” is bright and promising! 

You can follow Haley’s growing Crotchet Empire through her Instagram @fluffydetail or her website at