Courtesy of Pexels

The seventh Senate Meeting of Spring quarter began at 7:11 PM. All members were present except CHASS Senator Mido, CHASS Senator Bui, CHASS Senator Yang, CHASS Senator Lu, CNAS Senator Cheng, BCOE Senator Au and SPP Senator Nguyen.

After the agenda and the previous meeting minutes were approved, the senate swiftly moved to open the public forum where the oncoming senior staff members of the Highlander, News Editor Mata Elangovan and Assistant News Editor Emyr Ortiz, introduced themselves. 

Motion to open SB-S23-005 VP Marketing & VP DEI Stipends was approved; PPT Richardson was charged to introduce the bill. SB-S23-005 is the final legislation to enact stipends for VP Marketing and VP DEI and E&G Liaison and Chief of Staff. Through this bill the bylaws are updated or enacted. The bill was passed 10-0-1.

SB-S23-007 Judicial Stipend Additions adds the position of Vice Chief Justice and updates the bylaws for 12 month term associate justices and 9 month term associate justices. According to Justice Knacker, 3 returning justices would be Chief Justice and Vice Chief Justice. One returning justice would not have a position, instead they would have a 12 month term. The rest would be incoming 9 month terms. The motion passed 10-0-1.

SR-S23-003 Palestine Resolution formally raises awareness of what is happening in Palestine, as Palestinians are being displaced from their homes. The bill obligates ASUCR to speak out against violence. The motion passed 11-0-0

SR-S23-004 Increasing Student Living Conditions in Bannockburn Village calls for the increase of student living conditions at Bannockburn. The bill addresses Bannockburns history with insufficient accommodations that are not up to standards or proper codes. The bill calls for ASUCR to collaborate with housing to advocate on behalf of students to improve living conditions. The bill was approved 10-0-1.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:29 PM.