In the famous words of Macklemore, “Can we go thrift shopping?” Check out these cool spots to shop in Riverside!

Our first stop is Savers! This large thrift store is off Tyler Street and five minutes away from the Galleria Mall. Its location makes it a perfect spot to plan a day of thrift shopping, lunch with friends and errands at the mall. When you first walk in, you are greeted with racks and racks of clothes ranging from women’s pants and sweaters. On the left side, you will find books, vinyls and a large selection of DVDs from the early 2000s. As you explore deeper into the store, the men’s department is on the far right, followed by shoes and accessories. A few designer bags like Chanel and Marc Jacobs hang on display next to the shoe racks. If you are looking for a spot to donate clothes, Savers is your spot, and you may receive a store discount for it!

Next on our list is Another Thrift Shop. This thrift store is across the street from Savers, which makes it a great place to stop by if you want to hit up a few different spots in the same trip and are looking for more vintage clothing and accessories.  This small thrift store is perfectly hidden away in a secluded spot, and just like its location, it has hidden treasures inside, including vintage gaming systems (like old Game Boys in mint condition) and beautiful antique furniture. The deeper you walk into the cozily cramped store, the more things you tend to find in every corner. Stop here for amazing jewelry finds and more. 

If you are looking for a spot that’s close to the university, The Thrift Bar is the perfect place to stop in between lectures. Its small venue is perfect for those who feel overwhelmed by Goodwill and Savers. This locally owned mom-and-pop shop is new in town and has only been open for around a month and a half. Shop small and visit Thrift Bar for amazing prices and genuine connections with the staff, as their customer service makes it easy to ask questions and feel welcome in the store. You’ll discover great finds like brown leather jackets by Joseph Barry and dress pants by Ralph Lauren, and their women’s boot collection also makes it a great find for your next “outfits of the week” post. 

Down Magnolia Center, there’s a small corner store called Liberty’s Buy, Sell, Trade. Here you will find hand-picked clothes and amazing fashion finds. The prices are a bit more expensive due to the fact that you can trade your clothes or sell them there for store credit. Fun fact: the owner was inspired by an old boss who owned a trade store. Now, Liberty’s Buy, Sell, Trade is part of the vintage movement on SunnySide St. Every month on this street, the vintage market sets up camp on this street, which makes it a great place to grab a cup of coffee at Condron’s Coffee and walk down the street to Liberty’s to thrift shop. The owner, Liberty, states that she plans on bringing music in the store and is a big supporter of kids that are into fashion. Liberty is a 2008 graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and uses her fashion expertise to bring in clothes and jackets that are trending. The store is more of a vintage store than a thrift shop and accepts all forms of payment, so stop by this Chicana-owned store to support small businesses and women entrepreneurs. 

Circling back to our large thrift stores, Goodwill is a good pick for lots of options. It’s located near Magnolia Center and is another great spot to hit if you are doing a vintage store crawl since the shopping center has at least three thrift stores in its vicinity. The large room that makes up this shop is filled with shopping carts and many racks of clothing. If you are looking for jackets and pants, take a look at their men’s sections for great finds. You never know what vintage leather jacket for $9.99 you’ll find! Look for special days to come in, like Thursdays, where certain tags are $1.99. 

Last but not least, take a peek at the Pet Adoption Center Thrift Store. This is a medium-sized store that sells items like dog collars, leashes, pet bowls and pet clothes at affordable prices. Basically, anything that is for pet care and accessories can be found here; even dog books by the famous Susan Conant, who is known for her Dog Lover’s Mysteries Series, can be found next to the doggy bows. But don’t be frightened by the dog paraphernalia, as the store is also packed with amazing finds like good-condition bikes, Grey’s Anatomy DVDs and numerous CDs. The store also carries classic Disney movies on VCR and DVD. The store labels their prices through color, and I was able to find a beautiful wooden jewelry holder for only $5.99! The friendly staff and wide range of purses and glassware make it a great place to stop by on a thrifting date and then cross the street for some tacos. 

Make sure to check out these thrift stores on your next visit. Happy Thrifting!