Known primarily for her R&B soulful hits, Kehlani recently released what could be the new addictive summer track, “After Hours” on April 4, 2024. Serving as her first solo release since 2022, “After Hours” delivered a faster tempo with bouncier beats. Its electrifying sound makes it the perfect song to let go on the dancefloor with that perfect someone in mind. 

The song first begins as if one is at the club. Its beats mimic the sound of clapping and slowly become louder before Kehlani’s naturally light voice welcomes listeners into this transcending world. She sings, “We don’t gotta take it slow / I’ma hit the gas if you ready to go / I wanna feel the sweat, breathin’ through your clothes / The way you touch my neck got me ready to fold” as the first verse. It’s a tantalizing set of lyrics, especially as Kehlani takes the listener into this setting of a dark atmosphere where two individuals can get lost into each other. Intimate and slow, Kehlani creates a sultry and fun atmosphere that makes you want to kick off your shoes and dance the night away. 

As the refrain picks up the song’s fast-paced rhythm, echoes of the singer’s voice overlaps with the sounds of others singing. This technique creates the illusion of a collective body of voices united in song, adding layers of unique vocals to its lyrics. Once the chorus is heard, Kehlani’s voice intermingled with these other voices becomes stronger. 

As she continues singing “Why don’t you stay? / Stay here after hours / I know you don’t wanna leave / Stay here after hours / After hours, we can—,” it emphasizes how Kehlani tries to get whoever she has found to stay with her. Kehlani uses her vocal range brilliantly throughout the chorus. Either jumping from high notes to create that convincing desire of wanting that person to stay or singing in lower tones that heightens the song’s intimate setting, her voice shines through in her newest creation. 

“After Hours” is that one-of-a-kind playful tune that has to be on repeat. Its beats are easy to dance to and its lyrics are mesmerizing to sing along with. It reveals a simple message of wanting to spend more time with that one person who has caught your eye. Given that the song is meant to allude to a club setting, its already intimate and sultry background makes it perfect to its core. 

The song is also meant to serve as a sample of “Move Ya Body” by Nina Sky. Both have the same tune and rhythm to them, but there are still differences in their lyrics and meaning. Both songs are worth taking a listen to if “After Hours” was your cup of tea. 

But do not fret; the single isn’t the last thing we will hear from Kehlani this year. The Oakland artist brilliantly teased an upcoming album on a billboard enroute to those attending Weekend 1 of Coachella. The singer is seen wearing a bold, red leather outfit as she poses in the middle of what looks to be a desert of red sand. Kehlani certainly isn’t done with her musical endeavors this year and it will be a nail-biting wait before she drops her fourth studio album. 

Verdict: Kehlani’s “After Hours” will be the perfect summer hit to dance to on any vacation or party and, with the addition of her teased album, it will only get better.