As the seasons change and the Riverside weather slowly transitions towards a friendly warmth, University of California, Riverside (UCR) students can look toward a plethora of new events this quarter to get into the spirit of spring. One such event is BLOSSOM, hosted for the second time by the Associated Students Program Board (ASPB) on April 17, 2024. The mid-spring indie music concert features local artists of all types, cutely designed t-shirts for those who line up early and, of course, flowers.


With ASPB’s last event being outer space themed, ASPB switches it up and opts for an old internet and floral aesthetic reminiscent of the beginning of the digital age that can be seen in their merchandise and Instagram posts. While it was solemnly utilized outside these mediums, this would be typical of smaller ASPB events. Regardless, students still enjoyed the exclusive limited edition BLOSSOM ringer tees and other attractions that ASPB offered for this year’s event.

Attractions and Amenities

While for many, the merchandise still proved to be a large draw for many concert-goers, students were also able to enjoy a wide array of attractions and amenities. After obtaining the exclusive ringer tee, almost all students gravitated towards ASPB’s bouquet-making station, leaving with lovely sets of flowers perfect for spring vibes. 

Nearby the stations were tables with student artists and three small shops stationed as well, including HugHugKissKiss, Rooted In Love and My Skeleton Heart. There students were able to purchase trinkets, Mother’s Day cards, plants and assortments of stickers, accompanying the floral theme excellently. At the student artists tables, artworks and pieces from James Barragan, Sara Paulin-Martinez, Anna Monterroso, Sarah Zohary, Sovian Quesada, Jennifer Gomez and Litzy Cruz were all on display for all to see.

Of course, food trucks and the photo booth proved themselves to be a mainstay for concerts.  FryDay Food Truck, DD’s Chick and Cat Shack provided for mid-concert munching and photobooth gave students a way to immortalize the fun times during the festival in photos with a choice of various props. ASPB also had its own station where concert participants could help themselves to free posters from older ASPB experiences, a welcome addition for many who seek to hold onto the memories of the well-executed events. 

Student performers

After students helped themselves to the attractions, they would make their way to the actual show and lay blankets on the lawn in front of the Bell Tower. The first student organization to perform would be Wushu at UCR. Equipped with bow staffs, swords and other weaponry, organization members had an opportunity to put on a dazzling demonstration of martial arts one by one. As they ended their show, all members came together striking a dynamic pose, receiving praise from the UCR audience.

After, the 909 Dance Troupe, formally known as the 909 Hip Hop Dance Troupe and, subsequently, Tartan Seoul took the stage with multiple teams performing and captivating the audience. The dance teams got the crowd more and more excited as they started flawlessly performing well-known choreographies of today’s hip-hop and Korean pop hits. Concertgoers were treated to dance renditions like Le Sserafim’s EASY and ENHYPHEN’s Sacrifice (Eat Me Up) leaving the crowd hyped up and ready for the first band to come in.


First off of the lineup was a band from the Inland Empire, Porkboii. The band started off strong as students lounging on the lawn were bopping their heads along to the music. It was the classic image of chill vibes with the band playing as the sun set behind the Bell Tower. The band played music from their discography including their newest single “WJ,” “Junebug” and “Criminals.” Before ending their set, Porkboii addressed the crowd, calling out that “everybody deserves all the beautiful things that the world has to provide,” before starting their last song.

With the colors overhead illuminating the three-man band, Foxtide set the perfect ambiance for their set. Some songs the band played included “Ocean Blue,” “Paradise” and their version of “Put Your Head on My Shoulder.” The band was heavily focused on the build-up of their songs at the beginning. Among the build-ups, the band would often take instrumental breaks throughout the songs, showcasing their talents. The instruments highlighted their soft vocals as the band worked off of each other seamlessly. As Foxtide continued to play, a few crowd members stood up to the front to jump and dance along to the music. The band made sure to conclude on a high note, keeping the crowd ready for the next set.

Closing off BLOSSOM was a Latinx band from Dallas, Texas, Luna Luna. The band had a slow serenade-like start, entrancing the crowd with its music. The band played music that had the crowd swaying and vibing to their songs. Luna Luna played a mix of their best songs including “Solo Tu,” “80’s Tune” and “lonely lullaby.” Much of the songs had dance pop, Latin alternative and electric riffs. It was a set that could satisfy fans of different genres with its versatility and range of songs. Fans in the crowd called out to the band and were hyped by their talents shown throughout the set. 

BLOSSOM was a perfect celebration of local artists all around and has UCR students hoping for a three-peat next year. With students spread throughout the lawn on picnic blankets facing the Bell Tower, the set was the epitome of a chill and relaxed aura. The concert was a huge success that had the students focused on more than just the attractions and fully focused on the performances. More relaxed than their other smaller concerts such as AREA951 and Winter SOULstice, BLOSSOM was perfect for fans of indie or those simply looking for a nice night on the lawn with friends and good music.