The University of California, Riverside (UCR) R’Garden is a student and community centered garden offering free and freshly grown produce to the UCR community, as well as opportunities for students to learn about the environment and sustainability. The garden offers free produce pick up for students, so here is a guide on how to take advantage of this community space. 

How to pick-up produce:

The first option to pick up produce from the R’Garden is during Wednesday club tabling. There, the organization has set up a table with some produce from their garden. In order to get the produce, they will ask for a quick form to be filled out on your mobile device, and you can leave with some farm fresh crops.

The second option is a lot more accessible than the first. On any weekday, anyone can go to the R’Garden, located in Lot 30, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to pick up crops. There, a similar process will take place where a form will be filled out in order to grab some produce. A bonus of this method is that you can go any day of the week (not the weekends), and it is not restricted to the produce that they bring to tabling.

Fun fact:

There are no restrictions as to who can pick up produce at the R’Garden or during their tabling. Anyone, regardless of food security level, is welcome to drop by to grab some fresh fruits and vegetables. No proof of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) or food insecurity will be asked for — the only requirement is to fill out the form before picking up produce.

How to get to the R’Garden:

Starting from the overpass on Canyon Crest Drive, walk towards Parking Lot 30. From there, veer right and walk towards the gated fence at the end of the parking lot. Looking around, there will be a sign that says R’Garden and next to it will be an entrance gate. Directly at the opening of the gate is the community garden plots. Venturing further into the area, the R’Garden shed will be right of the canal in the area. With a quick knock on the door, you’re in.

To learn more about these eight acres of community garden plots, greenhouses, and orange groves check out the R’Garden website or their instagram, @ucrcommunitygarden.