Crushing on this redhead because we had one conversation, and he sounded so smart/cool and was super into sustainability and environmental awareness. Don’t even know his name and he may have just disappeared off the face of the planet?? Used to regular this one spot, but not anymore, I guess. Advice?


First off, he sounds like a cool guy, and Happy Earth Day to you and the mystery boy!

Now, not to rat myself out, but I am guilty of passing by areas where I’ve seen a crush more regularly. It’s normal, okay! I definitely don’t recommend stalking, but if that spot is on your route, well, then no one could blame you for doing a bit of a look.

With connections like those, it’s kind of like a sitcom. It’s more about the fun than actually knowing them. It keeps you entertained, like a good Netflix series. I don’t know about you, but a class crush is what keeps me coming to class sometimes: for the internal drama. In real life, not in a million years would I actually be interested, but you do what you have to do to motivate yourself. If you run into him again, great, and maybe try to find an in to talk or hang out. If not, the chase is part of the fun, and it’s not that deep.

If you’re looking to get over him, there’s something that I always think of when I see a redhead. Just remember that they had to wear a swim shirt as a child. I don’t know why but when I think that, I just can’t take someone seriously anymore. There’s always an “ick” you can root out and use to your advantage.