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  1. Newsroom 5-5-2020: Jonathan, Amani, Adam and Evan discuss last week's ASUCR meeting, California Governor Gavin Newsom's decision to close all beaches, and the impact of the crashing job market on the class of 2020. 23:02
  2. Newsroom 04-27-2020: Jonathan, Evan, Amani and Adam discuss the adjustment to remote classes, potential student fee refunds, and what they've been doing to stay busy during quarantine. 21:15
  3. Newsroom 03-10-2020: This week, Jonathan, Adam and Evan are joined by graduate student teaching assistant Amanda Riggle and undergraduate Jorge Plascencia to discuss the cost of living adjustment protests taking place across various UC campuses. Then the staff speak about the decision to make finals exclusively online and the suspension of in-person classes until April 3. The staff closes out the final episode of the quarter by discussing which genre is most effective to comment on social issues, the topic of issue 21's writeoff. 27:14
  4. Newsroom 03-03-2020: This week, Adam, Sam, Evan and Jonathan open Highlander Newsroom by discussing the bills passed by ASUCR in last week's meeting. After, the staff gives their thoughts on Chancellor Wilcox's op-ed that was published in the LA Times. Then we talk about the recent Hays Press-Enterprise lecture that was given by David Leondhart. We close the show by discussing Soundclash with contributing writer and marketing intern Preeti Juturu. 26:32
  5. Newsroom 02-25-20:This week, Evan, Colin and Cody discuss the recent ASUCR controversy surrounding GSOE Senator Evelin Castaneda's resignation and interview Parliamentarian Avi Idea regarding the two-week leave he was put on by Executive Vice President Abigail Cortes following the Feb. 19 meeting. We also hear from Rachel Arroyos, director of contemporary culture at ASPB, regarding the process in planning Winter Soulstice and Highlander writer Preeti Juturu shares her take on the concert that took place on Feb. 23. 25:10
  6. Newsroom 2-11-2020: This week we discuss the bill proposed in last week's ASUCR meeting that would increase the Executive Vice President's stipend by $2,500. We also talk to ASL President Derrian Tabilin about the petition she made to implement ASL courses on campus. After, the Radar editors discuss how their predictions fared post-Oscars. 23:08
  7. Newsroom 2-4-2020: This week we talk about ASUCR's Executive Cabinet's decision to veto a bill that would clarify removal procedures, IRANspiration, and Oscar predictions. 26:24
  8. Newsroom 1-28-2020: This week we are joined by the Strategic Marketing and Communications Manager of UCR's Housing, Dining, and Hospitality Services Benjamin Eisenstein, and the Director of The Barn and Retail Dining Marcus Van Vleet to discuss the upcoming opening of The Barn. Then we talk with ASPB Director of Special Events and Assistant News Editor Laura Anaya about the "Getting to know" Jordyn Woods event as well as Rollercade, which were hosted by ASPB. 26:40
  9. Newsroom 1-22-2020: This week the staff discusses homelessness, the Board of Regents meeting to discuss the new potential UC President, and our favorite films of 2019. 29:06
  10. Newsroom 1-15-2020: This week we are joined by former president pro tempore Preeti Juturu to discuss her resignation, the PS1 project, and the new coffee shop in the University Village, 7 Leaves. 28:37
  11. Newsroom 12-03-2019: In the final episode of Newsroom before break, Jonathan, Adam, Evan, Colin and Sound Engineer Patty discuss how they will remember 2019, plans for Christmas break and Patty's upcoming Study Abroad trip 24:55
  12. Newsroom 11-26-2019: Evan, Silvia, and Christine discuss Twitter's recent banning of political ads, two student leaders' project to bring nutritious produce to the R'Pantry, and this past Friday's Bonfire. Tune in to find out more about our thoughts on these current issues. 22:17
  13. Newsroom 11-19-2019: We talk about the presidential impeachment hearings, the AFSCME labor union strike, and our favorite Homecoming events/memories. 26:03
  14. Newsroom 11-12-2019: The Highlander staff discusses the recent campus wifi outages and new TV streaming companies and how they will challenge Netflix for the number one spot. 28:09
  15. Newsroom 11-5-2019: In the latest episode of Newsroom the Highlander staff discuss California Wildfires, coping with midterm stress and Terminator: Dark Fate. 28:22
  16. Newsroom 10-29-2019: On this week's episode the Highlander staff discusses Chancellor's Wilcox's appearance in last weeks ASUCR meeting and how Spooky Stories got introduced into the paper. 28:50
  17. Newsroom 10-22-2019: In the latest episode the Highlander staff discuss potential commencement changes for the class of 2020, if protest can really make a difference, and big corporations and athletes kowtowing to China. 27:39
  18. Newsroom 10-15-2019: On this week's episode, ASUCR President Julian Gonzalez stops by to discuss public perception of ASUCR, the senate office renovation and which artists he turns up on the radio. 28:51
  19. Newsroom 10-8-2019: This week we discuss the first ASUCR meeting with ASUCR's President Pro Tempore. We also discuss the film release of "Joker" and the controversy surrounding it. 27:06
  20. Newsroom 6-7-2017: How can UCR enhance its approach to preventing sexual assault? Also, how will you remember the 2016-17 academic year? 31:10
  21. Newsroom 5-31-2017: Behind the potential Gender Studies requirement and UCR Event Center development delays 27:52
  22. Newsroom 5-24-2017: This past week saw a group of male demonstrators (or, "trolls") take the Bell Tower to condemn Muslims, yoga pants, homosexuality and more as sin. The men held signs reading "You're Going to Hell!" and students around campus were openly disturbance toward their presence. 30:48
  23. Newsroom 5-9-2017: We talk about the announcement of ASUCR elections results, developments on the UCOP's $175 million reserve and more discussions over UC Berkeley conservative speakers. 31:15
  24. Newsroom 4-26-2017: We talk about UCOP Audit and New York's new Exceli sor scholarship 31:39
  25. Newsroom 4-18-2017: We talk about Laptopping, Student elections, Grad Student Food Insecurity and "13 Reasons Why." 31:02
  26. Newsroom 4-11-2017: We talk about the San Bernardino shooting, the role of the media in reporting tragedies, whitewashing in Hollywood and more. 33:14
  27. Newsroom 3-8-2017: We talk about the Rubidoux High School Walkout, "Feed The People" Protest and the state of originality in superhero films. 21:51
  28. Newsroom 3-1-2017: Myles, Julian and Evan discuss: The state of UCR's R'Garden, the Oscars​​ and Trump blocking media from press briefing. 31:17
  29. Newsroom 2-7-2017: We talk #NoBanNoWall Protests, The "War on Press," Should Sabra hummus be banned from campus?, and the Patriots' historic comeback 19:40

Under the Radar

  1. Under the Radar 03-12-2020: In the final episode of Winter Quarter; Colin and Adam discuss Universal's future monster films, Spawn movie news, and the Final Fantasy 7 demo. 28:32
  2. Under the Radar 03-05-2020: This week join Colin and Adam as they discuss the casting of Antonio Banderas in "Uncharted", the reveal of the new batmobile, and the delays and cancelations due to Coronavirus. 26:23
  3. Under the Radar 02-27-2020: On the second episode of Under the Radar, Adam and Colin discuss the new Xbox details, Samurai Jack game, “Candyman” trailer and the slew of Star Wars news from that came out in the past week. 32:51
  4. Under the Radar 02-20-2020: On the pilot episode of Under the Radar, join Adam and Colin as they discuss the new Batman look, He-Man voice cast and their review of the recent "Sonic the Hedgehog" film! 25:25