UC physicians strike again

Courtesy of UCR Today
Courtesy of UCR Today

Over 120 UC student health service doctors joined the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) — which represents and advocates for physicians across the nation — to go on strike again, from April 9-15, to protest allegedly unfair labor practices by the UC system. These claims include the UC increasing physicians’ contributions to pension funds without negotiating and a refusal to provide financial information to bargain with.

The strike occurred at UCLA for doctors who work at UCSB, UCSD, UCI and UCR. Part of the bargain requests include increasing the student health services’ allocated budget and pay, according to UAPD President Stuart Bussey. “I don’t think what they’re asking for is exorbitant,” Bussey stated.

The UC has remained critical of the strike. “We disagree with the union’s claims that these strikes are about unfair labor practice charges,” UC Human Resources Vice President Dwaine Duckett said in an April 3 press release, “The union has refused to discuss these alleged practices at the bargaining table.”

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