Being a college student can get pretty expensive. Even with our attempts to volunteer for extra shifts at our part-time jobs or limit how much we eat out, college students still manage to be broke. Our tendency of owning sad-looking bank accounts can be blamed on a combination of busyness, laziness and indulgence. Many students are learning to balance school, work and internships among other responsibilities and as a result, we’re more inclined to choose convenient options for food, clothing and household items that consume most of our income.

Trying to balance our lives and our budget is a natural part of growing up. For a lot of us, we’re learning about the bittersweet freedom that comes with having a job. We have the money to afford the latest fashion trends whether it’s the new Nike Flyknits or achieving the perfect balayage highlight. Unfortunately, that hard-earned cash usually goes to paying rent, utilities, credit card bills and gas. Once we realize our spending mistakes, we begin to sacrifice other things to ensure our ability to pay the bills: grocery runs, shopping trips and even buying essential toiletries. All of us have done this at least once.

We’re at an age where we want to try everything because our 20s are supposed to be the prime of our lives, but let’s face it: our taste has gotten more expensive as we’ve gotten older. Yes, we can sport silver hair, high-waisted shorts with crop tops and 5-panel hats, but successfully styling them in an affordable manner can be difficult.

One fad that has been popular for quite some time is “thrifting,” which is the trend of repurposing outdated clothes from thrift stores or trendier secondhand stores like Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet into stylish pieces. Multiple trends are attainable through shopping at thrift stores from baseball jerseys to oversized sweaters and retro shoes. Since every thrift store offers a different selection of items, you’re bound to create a unique look that’s all you. You just need to know where to find these trendy pieces and how to style them!

Every girl in Southern California needs a reliable pair of shorts to survive this summer heat. The high-waist fit was an ‘80s favorite that found its way back into stores, but if you take the time to thrift your own shorts, you’ll save on money and have some custom-made shorts. Buy a pair of “mom jeans” from your local thrift store for an average of six dollars and cut them into shorts. To create flattering high-waist shorts, make sure the jeans sit comfortably above your hips and the thigh area fits loosely.

The ideal jean to shop for is an old pair of high-waist boot-cut Levi’s. Old Levi’s that have been broken-in tend to be softer and sturdier than most store-bought jeans and shorts made from this fit complement the natural curve of the body without bunching up. Cut the pant legs off, leaving a 3-4 inch inseam. From there, fold the jeans twice with a one-inch thickness. Creating small tears with a razor blade along the pockets followed by tossing your new shorts in the washer and dryer will create a frayed, distressed look. Then you are left with some affordable yet stylish high-waisted shorts.

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