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Behind the scenes: What it really takes to be a collegiate dancer

Emotions ran high this past weekend as 909 Hip Hop Dance Troupe opened the curtains to present its 16th Ultimate Brawl: Battle of Distinction....

Is “Space Jam” coming to life at UCR?

The UC Riverside men’s basketball team was suffering from a difficult 2015-16 season until their incredible win against the University of Hawaii on Thursday,...

Haute Hax: DIY skincare ingredients: best or bust?

Do-it-yourself (DIY) skincare is a cheap all-natural alternative to purchasing face masks, scrubs, moisturizers and other beauty products. Though numerous online recipes claim to...

Insider reveals Hollywood’s top five beauty secrets

Several beauty crazes have been circulating over social media and television — including fleek eyebrows, the Kylie Jenner lip and of course, having a...

Not So Superman

Haute Hax: From lanyards to laziness: the college transformation

Now that fall quarter is in session, a new batch of freshmen has been welcomed to UCR. Whether they’re wandering around school with a...

Haute Hax: Overcoming the struggle of shopping on a budget

Being a college student can get pretty expensive. Even with our attempts to volunteer for extra shifts at our part-time jobs or limit how...