UCR to participate in nationwide Million Student March

Courtesy of Million Student March
Courtesy of Million Student March

On November 12, UCR students will take part in a national day of protest called the Million Student March alongside several UC campuses and various other colleges and universities from states across the country. The march is meant to collectively demand tuition-free public college, a cancellation of all student debt and a $15/hr campus-wide minimum wage at every college in the country.

The website for the march explains, “Over 40 million Americans share a total of $1.2 trillion in student debt and over half of that is held by the poorest 25 percent of Americans. While top administrators take home six and seven figure salaries, campus workers are paid poverty wages. We will no longer sit idly by. With students, college graduates and workers united we can build a movement capable of winning debt-free college for all and a $15/hr minimum wage for all campus workers!”

ASUCR Vice President of External Affairs Mohamed “Momo” Hussein, and President Pro Tempore Corey Willis, among others are working on the particulars of UCR’s actions and involvement in the march.

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