Courtesy of RCA Records
Courtesy of RCA Records


Rating: 4/5 Stars

The final album David Bowie released before his recent death from cancer, “Blackstar” is a representative example of his work that gives this generation a chance to experience his contributions to music. At the same time, it defies the expectations of longtime fans by, in true Bowie fashion, serving up tracks that are widely different from his previous work.

The lyrics paint a somewhat bleak and morbid picture of the world, and discuss themes such as loss. Time especially seems to matter in these songs, perhaps reflecting the singer’s personal understanding that it is limited.

The music, based heavily in jazz, rock and electronic, is equally eerie. Bowie’s strength as an artist is in his ability to create variety, by singing in an enormous range of tones. By utilizing his wide range of vocals, he sets the atmosphere and makes the album not just a collection of songs, but an experience.
Powerfully performed and darkly beautiful, “Blackstar” is a fitting final addition to David Bowie’s artistic legacy.