P-Bhak’s Corner
The Indiana Colts release their franchise star quarterback of the past decade, Peyton Manning, this past week. The Colts have decided to move on in the rebuilding phase as they hold a first round overall draft selection in this year’s NFL draft.The Colts will benefit since they won’t deal with the massive contract of Manning and they will get to draft a cannot-miss prospect in Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. This makes the Colts’ decision to drop Peyton Manning, a premier generational athlete that does not come very often, easier for the fans to understand.

With Manning in the free agency market, which team in the NFL is best suited to sign Manning and make a genuine run at the Super Bowl?

The team mostly likely favored is the Miami Dolphins. Miami has the money to afford Manning and does not have an existing commitment to a player at the quarterback position. The Denver Broncos have made a serious push for Manning as they have a strong running game and a good defense with a brilliant secondary. The Broncos lack a substantial passing game, which Manning would give them if he joins the Broncos. That would also mean Tim Tebow will have to take a ticket out of Denver, something Tebow fans might not be to please about.

An interesting team that could acquire the services of Manning is the San Francisco 49ers since they have the cap space and can add an additional star wide receiver from free agency. They have a good overall team, but the only issue with Manning putting on red and gold is that current 49ers quarterback, Alex Smith, is represented by the same agent as Manning.

There are sure to be some emotional conflicts if Manning goes to the 49ers. Where the greatest quarterback goes is anyone’s guess, but when Manning does pick a team, it is going to be very interesting.