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On March 28, UC Riverside student Colin Roche passed away due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Roche was 26 years old and was in his first year at UC Riverside after having transferred from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Community College and Riverside City College. “He was enrolled in the Bourns College of Engineering as a Material Science and Engineering major. Colin was doing very well both academically and as a member of the UCR community,” noted a somber Chancellor White in his weekly email. “He was known to be enthusiastic, curious about most everything, and had a strong drive to engage in research as an undergraduate.” Roche’s ashes will be dispersed in the ocean and mountains in order to reflect his love of the beach and hiking.

According to an announcement by Bourns College of Engineering Dean Reza Abbaschian, memorial services will be held in Colin’s home state of Louisiana and on campus. The chancellor and dean’s emails have both highlighted the UC Riverside Counseling Center as a source for support (via telephone and in-person consolations) for those grieving. Efforts are underway to collect statements from Colin’s friends and other university acquaintances in order to be delivered during the memorial services. Individuals seeking to make donations have also been directed to a memorial fund established in the Bourns College of Engineering.