Thanks Obama, for jeopardizing U.S.-Russia relations

Courtesy of President of Russia
Courtesy of President of Russia

I just don’t understand it. Why are so many people afraid of our new president’s relationship with Russia? Is it just because we had a cold war with them — nuclear arms pitted against each other for more than three decades, proxy wars fought in the name of ideologies? Russia has changed since the Cold War. They have disarmed many of their nuclear weapons and are offering their cooperation in ending tensions between our great nations. We stand at the precipice of a new era where two of the world’s most armed superpowers might become allies and Democrats and liberals are unnecessarily freaking out that there might be peace between these nations.

Before Democrats say that Russia is evil, or that they tampered with the 2016 presidential election, please let me remind them that their savior and grace, President Barack Obama has exiled over 30 Russian ambassadors from U.S. soil under the suspicion that their country, not the ambassadors themselves, tampered with the election. That is absolutely preposterous. Why is the former president exiling diplomats whose only job is to secure peace and the interests of their nation? It’s almost like former President Obama was deliberately trying to disrupt the relations between the U.S. and Russia before Trump walks in office.

Now I’m just a lone citizen with a pocket Constitution and Bill of Rights in his nightstand, but that sounds like treasonous bipartisan politics thwarting peace to me. Didn’t Obama say that this was no longer a time of division in our nation and that we should support President Donald Trump? Sounds like our former “glorious leader” is a hypocrite.

Obama has consistently promised the American people so many things and failed. Do you want the guy who let Obamacare have one to four insurers in some states be the guy you want to listen to? Not me, I am disenchanted by the lack of civility in the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Not only did they conduct a witch hunt for Senator Bernie Sanders — a commie but an honest commie — but the DNC does not care about anyone but themselves. Ask yourself, “Who has something to gain if President Trump’s claim to power was de-legitimized,” “What only other party has something to gain?” It isn’t that hard to see that maybe, just maybe, the corrupted DNC is what lost this election. People are tired of lies and wanted a fresh-faced, non-Washington insider to have a shot at running the greatest and freest country on the planet.

Let me go out on a limb and say that there is no evidence that the election was hacked by the Russians. All information regarding a supposed hack is conveniently classified and last time I checked, in this country you are innocent until proven guilty and this administration has failed to provide the public with the information to clearly indicate that Russia is guilty of sponsoring hacking.

And before all the Democrats demand recounts again, let me remind them that after Jill Stein’s recount, there were discoveries made of massive amounts of voter fraud, never before seen in our nation’s history, for Hillary Clinton. People’s votes were counted up to six times each for Clinton in the state of Michigan. Under these circumstances, voter ID laws don’t sound so bad, do they?

But back to Russia, why are so many Democrats arming their teeth for war with Russia? Why can’t the great superpowers of the world simply get along and not cross each other’s paths violently? This is the first loss of a Democratic “assured” electoral victory this generation. In light of these events, people cannot seem to grow up and realize one does not win every time or get what they want. So stop accusing an entire nation of tampering with the greatest, fairest, Democratic-Republic voting system.

Russia did not hack us. Obama has set this country on a dangerous course before leaving office. Your glorious leader has jeopardized world peace. Thanks Obama.

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