Sometimes, sitting down with the numerous characters in your persona can be an educational experience.

This article was written as a compilation by Brian, John, Claire, Andrew and Allison, the multiple personalities of Adrian Garcia.

When life hits us hard, it’s difficult to concentrate on having a clear mindset. We have to be physically and mentally healthy to take on these challenges. If you’re worried about the latter part, no worries: You’re not the only one who suffers from anxiety, depression or, say, multiple personalities (like me, Brian).

In particular, I’m here to tell you how to cope with not being yourself, which you may find ironic considering I have multiple personalities: John, Claire, Brian, Andrew and Allison. Yes, there are five. It definitely is tough going through life with so many differing views (some that John likes to make fun of me for). Anyway, the important thing is to relax and and empty your thoughts. Find silence and peace in a certain place, whether it be in your room, somewhere outdoors or the library.

No, no, no, no! Brian that’s not how you do it! Geez, why do you always have to act so rational? Listen reader, when you want to cope with not being yourself, sometimes the best thing to do is to act a bit irrational. Break some shit, cause some chaos — let all your stress out, you know? Trust me, it’ll feel a lot better than “finding peace.” It’s good for your body, and it’s definitely good for your mind.

Oh my gosh John, really? Leave Brian alone, he’s actually giving out sensible advice (always sucking up to Brian and being a goody-two shoes, huh Claire?) Reader, forget what John said. Sure, it can be fun to break things to get rid of your stress, but it’s more important to calm down and find solitude. I do advise you to follow Brian’s advice and in addition, while you do that, take three deep breaths. Exhale — in and out. Your heartbeat will slow down and become steady. You’ll achieve peace.

Just because you’re an outcast doesn’t mean you don’t fit in. Take it from someone like us.

Peace? You know how to achieve peace, Claire? Smoke a blunt, brah. It’s hella peaceful. Take a couple hits and you’ll feel like you’re floating through space and time. I’m hella serious fam. It can feel insane. It’s like, “Whoa, where am I? Oh yeah, I’m in my room.” Rock out to some Van Halen and you’re good to go brah. But seriously, that’s how I deal from having the “others” take over my space. Shit, sometimes I hate how John gets into my head and starts tearing apart my room (it’s my room too, man!). Your room, John? Your room becomes my room when I take a hit. This is my own private domicile, and I will not be harassed!

Can you and John break up the fighting, Andrew? You’re embarrassing the rest of us. I don’t want to encourage the audience to smoke marijuana (it’s legal bro!). Anyways, it’s me, Brian again. Please ignore what my baked, pot-head personality said. Claire gave great advice (thank you Brian!). It would be best to also talk to someone else. Perhaps it could be a family member or a close friend, but talking to someone else can help you find that intimacy that is needed to talk about your problems. And I think that’s all the advice I can give you. Again, apologies for what Andrew and John said. Claire, thank you for the advice. Allison — wait Allison hasn’t spoken. Sorry reader, sometimes Allison is really shy. But maybe she too can give you advice?

There’s nothing wrong with you. So what if you’re different? Just because you’re an outcast doesn’t mean you don’t fit in. Take it from someone like us. Society doesn’t have shit on you. Don’t let them detract you from who you are, even if everyone around you antagonizes you.

Well, that was actually well said Allison. She can be quiet and sometimes the weirdest of us all, but when it counts, she is a great person. So reader, even though you may not feel like yourself at times, know that what someone sees you as is not contrary to what you really are. Only you determine who you’re going to be in life whether you are a student, an anarchist, a goody-two shoes, a pothead jock or a rebel. Take this advice from someone like us (or just take a hit from a blunt brah!). Geez, Andrew.