New year’s resolutions are the bane of people’s newly realized existences. They work to prematurely ready people for the incoming year, but they also cause a considerable amount of stress in those who try to adhere to their new universal truths. The key to tackling resolutions is very simple. These tips will save a bulk of individuals from dragging an unrealistic goal through a year full of twists and turns.

Suggestion #1

  • Set realistic goals. About 40 percent of all Americans long to conquer a specific goal yet only a minuscule 8 percent actually achieve them. This huge discrepancy suggests a serious problem with the way people are conjuring up their resolutions: They are aiming too high. For example, someone might set out to lose 30 pounds in the span of a year. While that’s fine, it isn’t a task that can be done with a few trips to the gym and a chia seed water bottle in hand. Unless you plan on actually sacrificing time in your schedule to give an appropriate amount of attention to your resolution, it’s best to start off with smaller scaled goals that won’t be so jarring to your existing status quo. Take that 30 pounds and aim to lose 10. If you achieve that, then continue to eclipse your limit so there’s a sense of gratification in making baby steps.

Suggestion #2

  • Immerse yourself in a positive environment. It is perfectly fine to be vocal about your resolution. Telling family members and close friends allows them to act as beacons of support when you’re embarking on your task. They’ll serve as useful reminders that your goal is righteous and can be completed. Ensure that those who sincerely support your plights know. It’s easy to fall into the trap of telling someone who can slight you with callous comments in an attempt to make you backpedal from your goals. This is why it’s imperative to be careful when building up this backbone of support. Positivity is the most salient method in attaining a goal that requires a lot of work.

Suggestion #3

  • Be unwavering in your goal. Human beings are malleable creatures. Our willpower can be bent and manipulated by a host of people and things. Because of this, it’s important to maintain a strong resolve to carry out any subsequent actions pertaining to your resolution. A leading deterrent to resolution fulfillment is the amount of determination individuals have in themselves. Keep post-its or motivational messages around you that will assist your path to the goals in the horizon. Don’t be afraid to keep a journal or collection of notes on your phone that serve as progress reports of your goals. These will ultimately be the things that will reignite your passion to want to see your resolution through to the end.

Resolutions don’t have to be grandiose. As long as you’re making small strides toward a better future, the quantity of your goal shouldn’t matter. Keep in mind that these goals are supposed to enrich lives, not provide unnecessary baggage to drag through the year.