Potential voters in the 2018 ASUCR elections were given an opportunity to learn more about the various referenda on the ballot in a town hall held Thursday, April 12. The event was hosted by ASUCR Elections Director Taylor Brown and CHASS Senator Grant Nakaoka, and took place from 5-7 p.m. in the senate chambers (HUB 221).

Representatives from the Highlander Newspaper, Costo Hall’s Referendum Student Advisory Committee (RSAC) Chairman Joaquin Malta and Green Campus Action Plan (GCAP) Director Austin Mok presented the key points of their three referenda and were available to answer questions from students in the audience. Sitting alongside the referendum representatives on the horseshoe were a few of the candidates running for office in the 2018 ASUCR elections.

The conversation focused on the plans, logistics and necessities of the three referenda. The Highlander Newspaper referendum, which is designed to sustain the future operations of the newspaper, would install a one-dollar increase in the quarterly Highlander Newspaper fee for undergraduate students — the fee is currently $2.00 per quarter.

The Highlander Empowerment Student Services Referendum (HESSR) seeks to increase the $14 HESSR fee currently paid by students by $2.00 starting in Fall 2020. This is intended to support the existence of the ethnic and gender-oriented programs of Costo Hall and fund Undocumented Student Programs, currently sustained by Chicano Student Programs.

The GCAP referendum is intended to continue funding the activities of the GCAP program but redistribute funds for internal projects.

Voting for referenda and candidates will take place during the fourth week of spring quarter, April 23-27.