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The Inland Empire is famous for its citrus groves and sun-soaked cities. It’s also famous for its unbearable heat. While the high temperatures can keep all but the bravest away during the summer, there is a wealth of things to do and see if you are spending these months in the area.

Mount Rubidoux Trail and Memorial Park

Ever wanted to go on a hike? Not motivated enough to leave the city? Located in Riverside, Mount Rubidoux offers a short and easy hike to a great view of the city, making it an enjoyable activity for beginners. This spot is a must if you want to stay in shape and experience the outdoors while staying closer to home. Along the walk, make sure to stop by many historical landmarks until you get to the notable cross at the top. Don’t forget to take a selfie and show off that fantastic vista!   

La Sierra Park

Another option for those who want to go outdoors but not venture far from civilization, is La Sierra Park in southern Riverside. The hills and greenery make it a great spot for a picnic or for those seeking a quiet place to destress. The park’s large open spaces are great for casual soccer, frisbee or volleyball. Don’t miss the amazing views of the annual Riverside Fourth of July fireworks.

Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center

If you are looking for family-friendly activities, consider visiting the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center. Located in Jurupa Valley, this outdoor museum features a variety of dinosaur sculptures for dinosaur nerds of any age. The museum also offers an opportunity to learn about the variety of minerals and fossils in the area. Don’t miss the cactus trail where you can walk through an array of native cacti, succulents and wildflowers.  

The Shops at Dos Lagos

The mall is a common place to go to during the summer, meaning the Moreno Valley Mall and Galleria at Tyler will generally be packed with a lot of people. Still need to get shopping done? Why not stop by another mall that is still within the county? The Shops at Dos Lagos is an outdoor center in Corona that features a small lake and a bridge making it a nice spot to spend your hard-earned dollars. Get your grocery shopping done at Trader Joe’s and walk over to popular retail stores to get your other essentials. You can also check out the mall’s diverse food court that features poke, bakeries and cafes. One highlight of this location is the restaurant Live from Memphis, where you can see live music on the regular. During the daytime, this mall is peaceful and makes a great place to relax or walk by the lake.  If you prefer a livelier setting, go during the nighttime when a lot more people tend to show up.

California Citrus State Historic Park

Riverside is known for its citrus industry and for being the location where one of the original Washington navel orange trees grown in California still stands. If you want to learn more about this industry’s history and enjoy the sweet smell of fresh oranges, you can check out the California Citrus State Historic Park in Riverside. In this park, you can take a 45-minute guided tour of California’s citrus industry and learn how Riverside became the citrus capital of the world, all while tasting local limes and oranges. Afterwards, you can also explore the area at your pleasure and take a look at the myriad varieties of citrus trees.