Over 500 students attended the fourth annual Highlander Poolooza on Friday, Oct. 5 held at the Student Recreation Center (SRC) pool complex. The successful event has been a collaboration between ASPB and the SRC for the past three years and was initially created in 2015 to encourage students to visit the renovated SRC.

On the windy Friday afternoon, the line to enter the event wrapped around the SRC South Building. Once inside the area, students were greeted by the sunny and busy pool area. The student DJ, Erik Garcia, blasted upbeat tunes as students explored the different activities scattered throughout the area. Among the activities were a spinning wheel with prizes, a photo booth and flash tattoo table. On the other side of the pool was a food truck from The Habit and a Frostbites Frozen Delights stand where people received a scoop of vanilla ice cream that they were able to mix with mango, strawberry, blue raspberry and/or passion fruit.

The seats surrounding the pool were soon filled with excited students enjoying their food as they de-stressed after the first week of fall quarter.

Some attendees gathered around the flash tattoo station as they sorted through the options. Inflatables in the shape of toucans, palm trees and pineapples were scattered across the pool ready for attendees to use. The crowd cheered as one brave soul jumped into the water. Shortly after, the lazy river filled with people lounging in the pool.

Out of the two photo booth stations, only one survived the wind. The background for the instax booth was blown away and attention turned to the red, green and teal balloons spelling UCR that became the new background for the photo booth. The balloon UCR sign was surrounded by a variety of games: giant jenga, spike ball, water pong and corn hole.

By the end of the events, the pool was filled with people as the sounds of giant jenga crashing down rang throughout the field area. Students with plates of The Habit charburgers and cups of Frostbites desserts filled the chairs surrounding the pool.

Highlander Poolooza continues to be a successful event that attracts many students each year. The attractions and gratuitous food options make it a worthwhile experience for any students, regardless of the weather.