When one thinks about music, sports is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. While reading about music and the emotions behind it, I realize that music plays an integral part for sport fans in many ways. The intro themes right before the big game, in which a television broadcast company has produced is one way music and sports correspond together. While the broadcast company uses a catchy or inspiring soundtrack to imprint their brand on their  broadcast of the game, it is amazing to think that the music composer, they hired, is able to bottle the essence of a sport, like basketball, and turn it into music.

While sports fanatics will be more focused on the game, the soundtrack is usually designed to invoke emotions, ranging from nostalgia to excitement.

Not every theme is great, but the few that are have a residual effect on their listeners. After listening to many themes, the NBA on NBC theme is just flat out amazing in comparison. Playing just a few notes of the tune from NBC’s “Roundball Rock,” many NBA fans will remember the basketball era played in the 90s when the Jordan-led Chicago Bulls dominated, John Stockton and Karl Malone delivered the mail in Utah, and of course the Lakers reemerged with their dynamic duo of Shaq and Kobe.

The Olympics on NBC is another premier example of an emotion-provoking theme. The NBA on NBC theme may appeal just basketball fans, but the Olympics are watched by the whole world. Viewers from a wide range of backgrounds can embrace the patriotic feeling while capturing vivid the history of the games. There are many other great themes out there, but I have to say, NBC is a master when it comes to sport themes.