Campus Business Service Director Michael Clemons announced the recent renovations to printing and campus supply services at UCR, and spoke with the Highlander in an email interview on what the renovations entailed.

With regard to printing, Digital Print Services (DPS), originally known as Printing and Reprographics, “recently moved (central operations) from the Atlanta Ave. facility to the Corporation Yard here on campus,” Clemons wrote. “These changes will increase operational efficiencies and reduce long standing deficits, without impact to customer service.”

The old campus supply service, Storehouse IBM, was removed last December and “Auxiliary Services, in partnership with Information Technology Solutions (ITS), launched a new ordering system – ScotSupply,” Clemons said. He noted that the service is working on “post launch enhancements” but later stated that ScotSupply “will ultimately offer an updated look and improved functionality, while maintaining the same outstanding service from the dedicated team at ScotSupply.”

Clemons will keep the Highlander updated on the improvements both services have received, but for now mentions that ScotSupply was created to “streamline the business model” of staff supplies and that DPS was relocated to save on costs, adding that “students, campus groups, and clubs can be served by DPS for print & design needs as well as university departments.”