ASUCR updates bylaws, consolidates Outreach Director position

ASUCR met last Wednesday, Feb. 20 to discuss upcoming projects, revise certain bylaws and review standard procedure. Here are some highlights from the meeting:

  • During committee reports an opening day event for solar umbrellas outside the career center was discussed.
  • The legislative review committee was able to pass Senate Bill 005 which amends Chapter 29 of the bylaws, the section concerning awards and trophies for ASUCR members. The amendment gives the executive panel more influence in determining award recipients, though the president still has the final say.
  • It was determined that after this upcoming election cycle, the position of Outreach Director would fall under the purview of the Vice President of Finance and would be part of that committee.
  • During senate reports, several projects were discussed, including a possible mental health week, an upcoming R’Closet fashion show, a program addressing domestic violence to be held this Monday, Feb. 25 and an upcoming meeting with Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox March 8 to discuss student representation at UC regents meetings.
  • During public comment Executive Vice President Andrea Cuevas stated that the vacant CNAS senatorial position will be filled at next week’s meeting after applications are reviewed. Applicants will be questioned and an internal vote will determine the outcome.
  • Parliamentarian Jose Rodriguez stated during public comment that ASUCR members had not been following protocol when submitting legislation such as resolutions. Senators are supposed to provide 48 hours notice for their proposals, but according to Gonzalez they had not been doing that, so he urged them to follow the guidelines in the future.

The next ASUCR meeting will take place Wednesday, Feb. 27 in HUB 203.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article referred to the ASUCR Parliamentarian as Jose Gonzalez, but his correct name is Jose Rodriguez. 

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